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Grazia Agency I International High Class Escort Service
Grazia Agency I International High Class Escort Service

Why Escort !?

Sep 2021

How, why and wherefore - Grazia International Escorts?!

My dear,

I welcome you to my first entry. If my former LK German teacher knew that I, as an unambitious author at the time, was sitting here and writing this text for you on the subject of high-class escort ladies, she would probably be as surprised as she was proud.

But, as the saying goes, it's never too late...

In this column I would primarily like to describe to you my personal experiences, thoughts and ideas. Social, political, economic and cultural topics should be addressed from my subjective point of view.

Of course, I am only as good as my readership, so I am always happy to receive comments, suggestions and contributions and try to include them again and again.

Why is it so important to me to present my personal perspective on the subject of high class escort ladies and to provide you with insights from the everyday life of our high class companions or me as the agency manager?

This is mainly because I want to dispel the many prejudices that stubbornly dog the profession of “escort” or “sex worker”. I am presenting you with a perspective that is much closer to reality than what is repeatedly discussed in the media and society.

Escort lady - Why are you doing this?

How do I come to want to position myself specifically against these prejudices? Well, over time I have often had the experience that when people got to know me, they were very astonished that a woman like me would do “something” like escort.

Apparently I didn't fit the typical expectations of a “sex worker” or an escort lady. This is also the case with most other women who pursue this part-time job. But how does society view a woman who “sells her body”? Any why is this the case?!

These questions again and again: Do the women or escort ladies come from difficult backgrounds? Are they forced to do this? Did they not receive any education and therefore had no alternatives? Not at all - on the contrary...

For my part, I had a very happy childhood: growing up in a wealthy academic background, attending private schools and universities, enjoying traveling, living and working abroad, and speaking several languages.

The relationship with my parents has always been good and I have never had any problems with drug or alcohol abuse. I managed to start my career in a very well-paid industry, where I would definitely have had the opportunity to pursue a “serious” career in upper management.

But let's be honest, I wasn't really happy with this management job. I missed my freedom, my independence, the adventure and the erotic thrill. I wanted more from life.

More emotions, more feeling and eroticism! I was able to realize all of this through my pleasure as an escort lady!

Then why choose the path to becoming a high-class escort lady? The answer is very simple: Because I enjoy it!

By the way, almost all the escort ladies I have worked with so far feel the same way. They are educated, intelligent, self-confident and, above all, self-determined women who have more than enough other options - but have very specifically chosen this part-time job.

In our job as an escort lady it is like in all other economic sectors: service providers such as consultants, lawyers, doctors, but also craftsmen make their mental and physical labor available for various purposes.

The remuneration for this is derived primarily from the demand and the quality of the work performed, which is achieved through training, experience, personal appearance and good quality management.

We escorts also respond to demand and thus satisfy a social need for which our customers are willing to pay a high fee. After all, the saying goes “You get what you pay for.”

And in keeping with this credo, we can... Escorts at Grazia Agency thanks to our education, our visual appearance, our experience and the pride we feel about this work, guarantee the appropriate quality.

With my agency Grazia - International High Class Escort Service, I would also like to give other attractive and style-conscious escort ladies the opportunity to live the life they dream of.

I am always looking for new, curious graceswho are looking for erotic adventures. When making my selection, I pay attention to education, appearance and character itself.

It takes sensitivity to find high-class escort models who fit into our agency. The graces know how to move on an international stage and at the same time their sexual fantasies and their erotic curiosity coincide with the wishes of our gentlemen.

It doesn't matter whether you have one Escort lady for your ski vacation or one sexy travel companion for golf you will find the right lady at Grazia Escort Service.

We always set high standards for ourselves and can therefore claim to work with a corresponding clientele.

And that's how all our graces see it - as Grazia escort model you love and live the eroticism and the tingling sensation before every date. As high class escort ladies, we are cosmopolitan and looking for the next erotic adventure.

High Class Escort is and remains a passion.
So when I'm asked "Why escort?", that's my answer.

You see, we ladies definitely don’t “need” it 😉



Ps. Sometimes I'm asked how exactly did you get into escorting? Typical in my case, as an adventurous student. But there are also other stories why people come to escort. I don't want to withhold these from you:

Stories: the path to becoming a high class escort:

"A Hidden Path"

Isabella lived in a small town near Berlin. She was a passionate dancer and often spent her nights in the capital's most exclusive clubs. One evening, while she was dancing in one of the most prestigious clubs, a well-dressed man approached her. His name was Viktor and he was a businessman from Paris.

Viktor was impressed by Isabella's grace and beauty. He invited her to join him and his group of friends at a VIP table. During the night they exchanged stories and laughs, and Viktor made an offer that would change Isabella's life.

He offered to fly her to Paris and give her an introduction to the world of high-class escorts.

Isabella was unsure at first, but the lure of a luxurious lifestyle and the opportunity to travel the world were too tempting. She accepted the offer. In Paris, Viktor introduced her to the art of high-class escorting.

She learned how to dress, how to socialize and how to have a good time with the most demanding customers. She learns to discuss art, culture and philosophy.

Isabella soon became one of the most sought-after companions in all of Europe. She traveled the world, met with business leaders and celebrities and enjoyed life full of culture and beauty.

"The Forgotten Diary"

Elena was a student studying literature in Munich. One day she found a diary in an old bookstore. Curious, she began reading and discovered that it described the life of a woman named Clara from the 1920s who was a high class escort in Berlin.

The diary contained detailed descriptions of Clara's adventures, the people she met, the places she visited, and the lessons she learned about the art of seduction and business. Elena was fascinated by the stories and the world that Clara described.

Driven by a mix of curiosity and a sense of adventure, Elena decided to follow Clara's steps. She began doing her research and contacting agencies that represented high class escorts.

Soon she had her first clients and began to live the life of a modern high class companion girlfescort.

During her travels, Elena met many interesting people and lived in a world full of luxury and intrigue. But the most important thing for her was the realization that she was in control of her own life and her own destiny.

And like Clara before her, she left her own stories in a diary, hoping that one day someone else would find them and be inspired.

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