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Grazia Agency I International High Class Escort Service
Grazia Agency I International High Class Escort Service

In love with an escort girl - what now?

Jan 2022

Complete contentment, a slight tingling in your stomach, wonderful feelings of happiness - that's exactly how you should look for a dates feel with an escort girl. However, sometimes doubts arise as to whether these feelings are actually in love.

What can you do if you think you have fallen in love with one of our high class escort girls?

More than sympathy?

The evening was so beautiful and everything seems perfect. One of our escort ladies, carefully selected according to your preferences, will meet your expectations or even exceed them. Visually she is the woman of your dreams and you cannot spot a flaw, she is charming, polite, educated and helpful.

She reads your every need from your lips, inside and outside the bedroom. She is genuinely interested in you and your thoughts. And you've never experienced physical intimacy like this either.

Couldn't it be like this every night? How would life be with this lady? Is it perhaps more than sympathy and a pure business relationship?

If you think you've fallen in love with an escort girl, the following thoughts might be helpful.

In love with an escort girl - real feelings or professional service?

Our high-class escort ladies are absolute professionals in their field. Making you, the customer, happy is their absolute priority. After all, that's what they get paid for. An agency like ours is not just about physical services.

It's an experience, an adventure. It's about getting everything in one evening that you miss in real life or can only achieve with a lot of effort. It is the abduction into a fantasy world that you can shape according to your wishes.

It is the escort girl's job to give you exactly what you are longing for. Be it stimulating conversations, a nice companion or physical intimacy without fear of rejection. You are paying for the perfect evening and that is exactly what you should get.

However, be aware that because of their professionalism, our ladies can identify exactly what you want and are ready to fulfill it because of the business relationship.

Is there mutual affection?

Of course, there can always be feelings at play on both sides. Our ladies are only human and it is human to fall in love. Especially when you spend a wonderful evening together that is not just limited to the hotel room.

If you have interesting conversations and it later seems to be a perfect match for tenderness, feelings can quickly arise.

You should always remember that during sex the body's own bonding hormone oxytocin is released, which not only ensures a relaxed, comfortable feeling, but whose job is to create a bond and a feeling of love between people who become intimate with each other.

Our ladies are regularly in such situations and have the necessary experience to deal with them. It is important for both sides to examine and question their own feelings. Are you really in love? What is based on an illusion and what is reality?

What do you really know about the lady who accompanied you? How much has she told you about herself? Do you think what you experienced went beyond the paid service?

Do you even want a relationship?

You have certainly experienced one or more unforgettable evenings. But what would everyday life look like? Are you looking for many unforgettable evenings like this or can you really imagine a serious relationship including sitting on the couch in sweatpants on Sundays?

How much of the real you have you revealed so far? Can the lady have a glimpse of who you really are or are you just showing your best side?

Is it a real, deep love or are you overwhelmed by your feelings because of the beautiful and extraordinary experiences that you have never had in everyday life?

Before you one escort lady If you admit your feelings, you should look into yourself and carefully consider how real these feelings are and whether they would survive everyday life.

In love with an escort girl: What are your chances?

Expect to be rejected as well. Due to the intimate situation and the fact that the experiences with the ladies that the Grazia Agency arranges are not just quick adventures, but special experiences, it is not uncommon for the ladies to receive a confession of love.

Of course, it could also be that the lady feels the same way. But because of her job, she will certainly think twice before getting involved in a relationship with a customer. Many ladies are not ready to give up this profession for a man.

Here you should consider whether you would be willing exercise of the escort profession to tolerate should there be mutual feelings.

However, the probability is also high that the lady does not feel exactly the same as you do. Because with an experience with an escort girl, the customer pays for the full attention of the lady. Their focus at the meeting is entirely on satisfying you.

Maybe she hasn't even given a thought to how you would fit into her life. It also serves their self-protection not to allow feelings if possible.

In love with an escort girl - you can do that

Maybe next time you meet, try to pay attention to what signals the lady is sending and how she behaves towards you. Of course, you can also talk to her about it directly and, after carefully examining your feelings, confess them to her.

In any case, our ladies will handle your revelation professionally and will not put you in an uncomfortable position. The honesty can be helpful in discussing how to deal with feelings. You can clarify whether the lady feels the same way or it's just sympathy.

In any case, you can also discuss how you want to proceed. When mutual feelings are involved, the question is whether and how a relationship could develop.

If this is not the case, you can decide together whether it is better for you to continue meeting on the basis of a business relationship or to break off contact altogether on good terms. In any case, our lady will lovingly accompany you in the decision and will not embarrass you.

In love with an escort girl - 3 effective tips:

1.Self-reflection and clarity:

  • Ask yourself: Why did you develop these feelings? Is this real love or could it be intense admiration, physical attraction or loneliness that is driving these emotions?
  • Recognize the reality: An escort service is a professional service. The friendliness and intimacy shown during encounters is often part of the service offering.

2. Open communication:

  • Be honest: If you believe that your feelings are real and you cannot ignore them, you should share your feelings with the person you have fallen in love with. However, this should be done in a respectful and non-pushy manner.
  • Be prepared for different reactions: It is possible that the feelings will not be reciprocated or that the other person will need time to respond. Respect their decision, regardless of their reaction.

3. Distance yourself:

  • Pause meetings: If your feelings become too overwhelming, it might be helpful to temporarily pause or end meetings with the escort girl to gain clarity.
  • Distract yourself: Engage in activities that bring you joy and help you clear your head. This can also help reduce the intensity of your feelings and regulate your emotions.

It is important to always show respect and understanding for each other's feelings and professional position in such situations. It is also essential to remember that true love is based on reciprocity, trust and common ground.

One thing in our own interest: we as Grazia Agency always try to address the situation as smoothly as possible. Our partners and well-known forums and sites also see it that way. That's why slixa has once again listed us as one of the "best voted agencies". Thanks for that:


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