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Application Grazia Agency

"A Girl Should Be Two Things: Classy And Fabulous"
We are always looking for unusual and interesting models and we are very happy if you feel like becoming part of our Grazia team.
You can expect that from us
A friendly and pleasant atmosphere within the agency
A very familiar and relaxed atmosphere
An elitist and exquisite work environment
Constant availability 24/7
A very competent agency management, which acts trustingly and purposefully
A high degree of foresight and forward thinking - in business as well as in private matters
A strong sales force with commercial skills thanks to many years of experience in the private sector
An intensive and individual preparation for your first meeting
A direct contact person for questions regarding secondary employment as an escort (billing, business registration, taxes, etc.)
A professional photo shoot with a renowned photographer
Style, manner and an exclusive taste for aesthetics 
A staggered and therefore very fair commission
Cool and interesting meetings in luxury hotels around the world
International bookings, trips and cultural impressions at a high level
An incredibly great and exciting time
First-class hotels, exquisite restaurants and hip clubs
We expect that from you
You are attractive, charming, educated and between the ages of 21 and 38
You have a lot of fun living out your eroticism and sexuality
You are flexible in terms of time, enjoy traveling and are open to new people, places and cultures
You have a lot of fun dating, partying and you enjoy meeting new and interesting personalities
You are studying, are in training or are already working
You have at least the general university entrance qualification
You follow daily world events and have a good general education
You are also interested in literature, economics, politics or culture, among other things 
You attach great importance to a well-groomed appearance and a fashionable clothing style
Ideally, you have NO tattoos, piercings and hair extensions (if you do, then only subtly)
You are no stranger to etiquette, you are confident in the floor and style and know how to behave appropriately for the occasion
You are sensitive, empathic and can adjust to your counterpart
You are an eloquent conversationalist with humor, charm and intellect
You speak at least English fluently (we require standard German for models based in Germany)
A personal afterword to you girls
At Grazia we are looking for intelligent, extraordinary, young, attractive and cool women. "Escort" is a vocation, a possibility to live out yourselves, to have fun, to travel, to explore yourself and your sexuality, to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle, to get to know interesting people and to experience an exciting and great time. 

My aim as an agency management is that you continuously develop yourself! Learn, grow, develop and find yourself. Use the financial bonus to enable you to do things that you have always wanted and dreamed of. Travel to distant places, exchange ideas with extraordinary people, invest your earnings wisely and constantly promote and challenge yourself. The fun is guaranteed, but don't forget, in the end life is a result of what we have made of it.

We look forward to getting to know each applicant personally. If you would like to find out more, have any questions or are not sure yet, please contact us! You are all unique in your very own personal and special way, so don't be intimidated and apply;)

In love,
Your Grace
- Manager Grazia International Escort Agency -

We look forward to you!


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additional Information

What requirements should I have as a future Grazia escort?
If you feel addressed by the media appearance of our website and the depiction of our agency that can be seen from it, we look forward to getting to know you and you better in a personal conversation.
What do you have to look out for when choosing an agency?
When doing your research, it is important to pay attention to how an agency presents itself to customers and escort ladies. Pay attention to small details, these form the whole picture. Find out the language, the presentation of the photographs, the requirements and the information communicated. The second step is an individual conversation, in which your open questions should definitely be answered and you will receive a personal impression from the agency management. Listen to your gut feeling!

A trusting impression is the basic basis of a good cooperation, this applies to both sides. A high ranking in search engine browsers does not necessarily indicate a well-run agency, anyone who deals a little with SEO and SEA marketing knows that!

Pay attention to a transparent and reliable corporate philosophy with a fair commission model.
Why Grazia Agency?
As part of our agency, you benefit from an international network, an elite clientele and a competent agency management, which is characterized by excellent service. 
Who is the team behind Grazia?
The Grazia team consists of the managing director Grace, the assistant Victoria, a team of web designers and IT experts, a team of professional marketing experts and SEO professionals and of course a renowned photographer. In the case of legal matters, the agency is represented by a law firm and a tax office.
Which clientele will I find at Grazia Agency?
We aim exclusively at a serious, upscale and elite customer base. These include entrepreneurs, academics, managers, athletes and celebrities. Our classic corporate philosophy and our excellent service enable us to appeal to an upscale regular clientele.
How can I imagine the course of a date?
A date can turn out very differently. Basically, the ladies meet their companions in the bar or the lobby of the hotel. Then, depending on the length of the appointment, a dinner in a chic restaurant or a drink in a nice bar will follow. After you have met, what follows is, of course, all the more fun;)
Does the agency support me on my first dates?
Of course, you can always rely on our advice. Especially as an escort newbie, we take a lot of time for you to explain everything to you so that you get a very precise idea of your date.
Who sets the minimum booking duration for my dates?
You determine the minimum booking period all by yourself. If you also have fun on short dates, we recommend a short minimum booking period. If you would like to get to know your counterpart over dinner, we recommend a longer minimum booking period.
How much can I earn as an escort?
That depends on many different factors, such as your time management, the quality of your pictures, your travel availability and many more. Basically, the earning opportunities in high class escorts are very good, but do not guarantee a permanent income. It is therefore important that you also pursue your dreams and goals outside of the escort. 
Also, a high fee class does not necessarily guarantee higher earnings. If you prefer to only have a few dates, a high fee bracket would probably be advisable. If you feel like going on a lot of dates, we recommend a smaller fee class. This recommendation is of course only based on your personal preferences and is entirely up to you. 
What will this cost me?
The representation in our agency is completely free of charge for you, we only charge you a commission for a booking. You take over the costs for your photo shoot. If you do not have the financial means, we will of course be happy to support you and you can repay us in installments. If we part ways after a hopefully long collaboration, you will of course receive your pictures and can use them for your private purposes.
Is there a notice period at Grazia Agency
You can terminate the duration of our cooperation at any time without giving reasons. However, a long-term cooperation is very important to us, which is why we would of course prefer to work with women who also pursue this claim.
Which securities and services are offered to me at Grazia Escorts?
We at Grazia Escort Agency use a very precise and careful selection process for our customers. We offer you permanent availability and are available for you at any time! In addition, each of our customers is checked in advance for seriousness and authenticity! We take care of the organization, planning and all administrative matters, so to speak, so that you can start a nice date carefree.
How is the commission model at Grazia?
We at Grazia represent a tiered commission model, which is based on first booking, repeat booking and travel booking. For a travel companion, the agency always only charges a set agency fee, so that the models can enjoy traveling more often. The travel fees listed here are therefore significantly lower than for the competition, but the women's share of the fee remains unaffected.  
How will my personal data be handled?
Your anonymity and the management of your personal data is our top priority and is guaranteed to be treated confidentially. It will never be forwarded to third parties!
Can I also use my own pictures?
Since we at Grazia Escorts pursue a uniform media presentation that fits our corporate philosophy, we have to insist on a professional shoot with our photographer. You can of course create the selfie pictures yourself.
How many meetings do I usually have?
It is entirely up to you to decide. Of course, the number of meetings depends on your flexibility and willingness to work, but none of the requests are mandatory.
How flexible am I in my time management?
As an escort model, you can freely organize the meetings according to your time capacity. Therefore, this part-time job can also be optimally carried out alongside studies, training or a job.
Can I also cancel a date early?
At Grazia Agency, we attach great importance to tailor-made placement. If you find out at a meeting that you simply do not harmonize with the other person, the meeting can be broken off at any time. We then only ask you for a charming and professional handling.
What is important to Grazia when working together?
We want to work with women who are looking for adventure, want to live out their sexuality and just want to have fun. It is therefore very important to us as an agency that you also pursue your goals outside of the escort. We also attach great importance to reliability, punctuality, consistency and loyalty. 
What happens after the application?
After you have applied via our application portal, we will contact you and arrange a personal phone call with you. During this conversation, both sides get a first impression of each other and can discuss all further details. Please do not hesitate to ask all of your questions.

After our phone call, we look forward to getting to know you personally. We would be happy to suggest a nice restaurant in your hometown or invite you to stay in a nice hotel for a longer journey.
I have further questions, who do I share them with?
If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us personally or by email.

Please use our email address for this purpose: