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Escort Cologne - a city with dreamlike love locks

Jan 2022

Book your high class escort Cologne now and enjoy the Rhenish metropolis with all your senses. From sexy lingerie to deep conversation to exciting pillow fights... Let yourself be carried away into the world of luxury, eroticism and seduction.

Cologne doesn't just have a lot to offer culturally with the Cologne Carnival, the Cologne Cathedral, the Ludwig Museum and the Roman-Germanic Museum. There are more than half a million love locks attached to the Hohenzollern Bridge from lovers who have already enjoyed the romance of Cologne. Discover the top locations with our Grazia Escort Service Cologne!

The Rheinpark is also a popular destination for a high-class escort date in Cologne with your loved one and is probably one of the most beautiful parks in all of Germany. With the Cologne escort service from Grazia Agency, you can discover the city with your own eyes and enjoy an erotic adventure for all the senses.

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Sightseeing on the Rhine - exciting with your Cologne escort:

Cologne Cathedral (Domkloster 4, 50667 Cologne)

As a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the city's most famous landmark, Cologne Cathedral rises into the sky with its majestic towers. This impressive Gothic masterpiece is not only a religious center but also a testament to medieval architecture and art. Inside, the cathedral houses an impressive collection of works of art and relics.

A visit to the cathedral in the company of a high class escort Cologne lady gives the exploration a special depth, as together you can enjoy the magnificent interiors and the breathtaking view from the cathedral plate.

Rheinauhafen (Auenweg, 50678 Cologne)

A modern wonder of urban development, the Rheinauhafen stretches for several kilometers along the Rhine. Formerly a working district, it has been transformed into a vibrant and modern residential and commercial district that combines the old with the new. You and your high class escort Cologne will certainly enjoy the walk here. The striking crane houses rise like modern sculptures, while the old warehouses are a reminder of industrial history.

A walk along the Rheinauhafen with a high class escort Cologne lady offers the opportunity to experience modern architecture, historical buildings and the natural beauty of the Rhine in a harmonious combination. The Cologne escort service from Grazia is at home in the Rhine city and can show you all corners of the city.

Roman-Germanic Museum (Roncalliplatz 4, 50667 Cologne)

This museum offers a deep insight into Cologne's rich history, from the Romans to the Middle Ages. It houses an impressive collection of artifacts, including the world-famous Dionysus mosaic and many other Roman treasures. E

A visit to the Roman-Germanic Museum with a high-class escort Cologne lady is a fascinating journey through time in which you can immerse yourself in the ancient streets of Cologne and learn more about the origins of this fascinating city. A visit to Cologne, a city rich in history, culture and modern life, will certainly be an unforgettable experience with the company of an escort Cologne lady.

Cocktail bars for a high class escort Cologne date

In addition to numerous cultural institutions, there are also extraordinary cocktail bars in Cologne. One of the best known is the Bar Seiberts am Friesenwall 33. The delicious cocktails are a real treat and the first-class service rounds off a visit to the bar.

If you don't just want to enjoy fine cocktails, but also high class Escort Cologne model , for instance a fantastic view over the city, why not try the LAB12 in Cologne pay a visit. 12 floors above ground at the Pullman Hotel you will be rewarded with fine drinks, unique creations and a spectacular view. Even Cologne Cathedral is visible directly from the bar.

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The drinks with perfume essences and ingredients such as orange blossom water or sage are an unforgettable highlight for gourmets. The LAB12 Bar at Helenenstraße 14 in Cologne is an almost paradisiacal retreat for cocktail lovers.


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In addition to the bars mentioned at the beginning, this is also particularly recommended Wood's Bar on Friesenstrasse 49 in Cologne. The unique atmosphere and the wooden ceiling delight nature and cocktail lovers. In addition to numerous spectacular own creations, there are also classics on the drinks menu. Enjoy the atmosphere with your high class escort Cologne girl.

Restaurants for an escort in Cologne

The restaurant offers a special culinary experience Ox & Clover in the customs port. The restaurant, which has been awarded two Michelin stars, not only impresses with food whose simple appearance seduces, but also offers you and yours high class Escort Cologne lady also an unforgettable view directly over the harbor.

In addition to a seafood and meat menu, there is also a purely vegetarian menu. A real highlight of the restaurant is the Dom Pérignon Chef Table.

The private area allows you to watch the star chef cooking directly. The cost for the exclusive table including the Experience Taste menu, water accompaniment and hot drinks is €300 per person. Of course, the fine wine should not be missing, which is why two bottles of Dom Pérignon are included in the price. Experience this breathtaking adventure together with our Grazia escort in Cologne.



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Also in Le Moissonnier at Krefelder Strasse 25 in Cologne, lovers of romance can enjoy life to the fullest. The restaurant has its own vinotheque with fine wines. In addition to a southern French fish soup, the menu also includes foie gras de canard maison, i.e. duck foie gras. Those who love oysters, fish and meat will find a large selection of excellent and high-quality dishes on the menu.

An enjoyable, delicious dinner often creates the basis for an unforgettable evening with your girlfriend escort accompaniment. Cologne offers numerous bars to end the evening with a delicious cocktail and to finally seduce the escort lady.

Anyone who can't get enough of fine dining is in the Oscar in the apropos also in good hands. From lobster bisque to scallops and king salmon, you and your Cologne escort lady will be pampered and seduced at the highest level of food.

After a relaxed evening full of delicacies and an exclusive selection of fine wines, the only thing missing is the perfect hotel room for an unforgettable and restful night.

Exclusive hotels for an escort in Cologne

In the escort city of Cologne there are several luxurious hotels that promise an unforgettable stay.

That 5 stars Excelsior Hotel Ernst Cologne offers pure luxury and has its own concierge service. The centrally located hotel is equipped with luxurious rooms and suites.

The Hotel Excelsior Ernst in Cologne is an exquisite five-star accommodation that is characterized by an impressive mix of tradition and modernity. Located directly opposite the famous Cologne Cathedral, it offers you and your high class escort Cologne not only a breathtaking view, but also unparalleled access to the heart of the city.

The rooms and suites are luxuriously furnished, with a mix of classic and contemporary design that promises the utmost comfort and elegance. Two on-site gourmet restaurants offer exquisite culinary experiences, while the spa area is an oasis of relaxation. With first-class service and a rich history, the Excelsior Ernst is synonymous with luxury and exclusivity in Cologne. You and your high class escort Cologne will definitely like it.



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The Althoff Grand Hotel Schloss Bensberg near Cologne used to be a hunting lodge and therefore has incredible gardens, fascinating architecture and a breathtaking spa and wellness area - the ideal place to really relax with your Cologne escort date.

the water tower, which once supplied the city of Cologne with drinking water, is now a luxury hotel. The breathtaking view over the city, elegant hotel rooms and a noble spa area will let you forget all your worries and you can immerse yourself in a world of peace and relaxation with your high class escort Cologne lady.

The magnificent winter garden invites you to linger and offers you the opportunity to end the evening comfortably.

This should also be the case Savoy Hotel be mentioned in Cologne. The hotel's 70 square meter “suite” offers, among other things, a king-size bed, a walk-in closet and a duo whirlpool. If you prefer to make yourself comfortable in the penthouse, there is a 66 square meter rain shower experience, a private safe and even your own exclusive entrance. This is how Dr High Class Escort Service Cologne is really fun!

Mira High Class Escort Cologne

Discover the nightlife with Mira High Class Escort Cologne

The Hyatt Regency Cologne is a five-star hotel that offers luxury and style in a modern, elegant setting. With its privileged location on the banks of the Rhine, it offers a picturesque view of Cologne Cathedral and the Old Town. The rooms are modern, spacious and equipped with all the amenities you and your high class escort need for a comfortable stay.

Culinary delights await you and your high class escort Cologne in the hotel's restaurants, which offer everything from local to international cuisine. A state-of-the-art fitness area and a luxurious spa ensure relaxation and well-being. The Hyatt Regency is also known for its impressive conference and event spaces, making it a popular location for business travelers and events.

Shopping with the Escort Service Cologne - it's really fun here:

Schildergasse in Cologne is one of the most popular and visited shopping streets in Germany. Here you and your high class escort Cologne girl will find a wide range of shops, from large international brands to smaller, specialized boutiques. The pedestrian zone offers a pleasant shopping experience and is particularly known for its impressive architecture and proximity to historical sights.

Luxury labels, high street brands and cozy cafés line the street, so there is something to suit every taste. Schildergasse is not only a paradise for shopaholics, but also a vibrant place that reflects the energy of the city.

high Street
Hohe Straße is one of the main shopping streets in Cologne and is located in the heart of the city. It connects Schildergasse with the cathedral and is therefore a central point for anyone who wants to combine shopping with sightseeing.

Here you and your high class escort Cologne will find a variety of shops, from well-known international brands to German retailers. Hohe Straße is always busy and offers a lively atmosphere that attracts both locals and tourists. In addition to shopping, there are numerous opportunities for culinary breaks in the surrounding restaurants and cafés.

Mittelstraße Mittelstraße is known for its exclusive boutiques and designer shops and is considered Cologne's luxury shopping street. Here you will find numerous high-end brands, designer boutiques and jewelers offering an exquisite selection of fashion, accessories and jewelry.

Mittelstrasse attracts a discerning clientele looking for high-quality products and an exclusive shopping experience. Exactly the right decision to spend an afternoon with your Elite Escort Cologne.

The street itself is elegant and offers a slightly quieter and more relaxed atmosphere compared to the busier shopping streets. Here you can stroll through the shops at your leisure and enjoy the finest things Cologne has to offer.

Annual events that you should experience with High Class Escort Cologne

Cologne, the fourth largest city in Germany, is known for its impressive history, the Cologne Cathedral and of course its vibrant culture. Every year the city attracts thousands of visitors who want to take part in numerous events and festivals. Here are three of the best annual events that you can experience in Cologne, ideally with a high class Cologne escort at your side.

Cologne Carnival

The Cologne Carnival is without a doubt the most famous event in Cologne. It officially begins on November 11th at 11:11 a.m. and ends on Ash Wednesday. During this time the whole city turns into a huge party zone. There are parades, music, dancing and of course costumes everywhere.

It's the perfect opportunity to put on a costume with your high class escort Cologne and hit the streets of Cologne together. The highlights of the carnival are the Rose Monday procession and the women's carnival. The carnival is not only a celebration for the people of Cologne, but also attracts visitors from all over the world.

Cologne Lights

Another highlight in Cologne's event calendar are the Cologne Lights, a spectacular fireworks display that takes place every July. The best way to experience this event is to stand on the banks of the Rhine with your high class escort Cologne holding your hand and watch the sky glow in a variety of colors.

The Cologne Lights are not just fireworks, but also a music festival. Various bands and artists perform and create an unforgettable atmosphere. It is a romantic experience to be shared with your high class escort Cologne while admiring the sparkling sky over the Rhine.

c/o pop festival

For music lovers and those who want to become music lovers, the c/o pop festival is a must. It takes place every year in August and offers a platform for national and international artists from the fields of pop, electronica and indie. The festival attracts thousands of visitors every year and offers a unique mix of concerts, parties and workshops.

You and your Cologne escort will also be thrilled! It is the perfect place to discover new music and dance together with your high class escort Cologne. The c/o pop Festival is not just a music festival, but also an opportunity to discover the creative side of Cologne.

In summary, Cologne is a city that offers cultural highlights all year round. Whether you are a fan of carnival, fireworks or music, there is an event to suit every taste in Cologne. And what could be nicer than sharing these special moments with your high class escort Cologne?

Regardless of whether you are visiting the city for the first time or have been there many times, with the high class escort Cologne at your side, every event will be an unforgettable experience. So, pack up your high class escort Cologne and head to Cologne!

Escort Cologne CityGuide:

Cologne, with its mix of historical grandiosity and modern flair, is more than just a city on the Rhine. It is a place where cultures, eras and people meet and together create a unique atmosphere.

No matter whether you are impressed by the grandeur of Cologne Cathedral, stroll through the redesigned Rheinauhafen or immerse yourself in the deep history in the Roman-Germanic Museum - every corner of this city tells a story.

And what could be better than discovering these stories with a charming Cologne escort at your side? The EscortCityGuide Cologne is intended not only to bring you closer to the city's highlights, but also to ensure unique moments of togetherness in this impressive metropolis.

Discover Cologne in all its splendor and make every moment unforgettable with our Cologne escort service.

Grazia International Escort Agency wishes you a pleasant and unforgettable stay in the high-class escort city of Cologne with a wonderful escort lady Your choice!

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