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High Class Escort New York City Guide - your unforgettable escort date in the world metropolis

May 2023

The Big Apple - that is the cosmopolitan city of New York. A metropolis that is frequented by many tourists every day. Are you planning a trip there and don't want to spend the time alone? Our escort ladies will sweeten your stay and make it an unforgettable experience.

Where can you stay in New York and which restaurants are particularly recommended? We present you a selection of the best hotels and restaurants. You will also find out which clubs and bars you should definitely visit with your charming New York escort travel companion.

Where can you shop well and which sights should you definitely see? We will give you tips and wish you a wonderful experience.

Exquisite 5-star hotels for you and your escort New York model

1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge (60 Furman Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201)

There used to be warehouses on the site where this is now 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge because the area was once used industrially. Although some of the original warehouses remain, offices and residential buildings now account for a larger share of use. However, the 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge is a notable addition to this setting.

The special thing about this accommodation is that old areas still exist and belong to the hotel. To be more precise, an impressive 55 percent was recycled and integrated into the system. You and your escort New York model can admire many elements from the past. Even rainwater is used to water the many plants.

Furniture and works of art are exhibited in the lobby and in the rooms, most of which come from designers and artists from the region. It's a tribute to the artists who abound in Brooklyn.

Another special feature is that the hotel offers fresh regional fruit in the public areas. So you are welcome to access it.

The hotel's rooms offer breathtaking views. From there you can admire the Manhattan skyline with your New York escort companion, as well as the Manhattan Bridge and the Brooklyn Bridge. You can also see Brooklyn Bridge Park from the room.

The rooms are optically adapted to the hotel lobby. The furnishings include wooden floors and walls and many plants. You invite you to relax and linger with your escort lady. The water in the rooms is filtered.

The bathroom has shampoo and shower gel available for guests. There is also an hourglass that recommends saving water after five minutes have passed. When you return to the hotel after exciting activities with your New York escort lady, you will receive a comfortable bathrobe and socks in which you can feel comfortable.

Take a seat in a hammock and end the day comfortably with your attractive escort lady.

The hotel's common areas are excellently equipped. There is also a roof terrace including pools. During the summer you can celebrate exclusive rooftop pool parties there. From the roof terrace you can enjoy a wonderful view of the Manhattan skyline.

The hotel also has a minimalist lounge. Many celebrities have lived there, including the singer Beyoncé. The highlight of the lounge are the floor-to-ceiling windows from which you can admire the skyline. The property also offers a fitness center and a cinema. You can use both for free and perhaps get closer to your Escort New York grace...

On the ground floor of the house you can treat yourself to culinary delights in The Osprey restaurant.

Crosby Street Hotel (79 Crosby Street, NY 10012)


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This design hotel is one of the most beautiful accommodations in New York. It is located in the popular Soho district. Nearby is the Museum of Modern Art Design. You can go out to eat, shop and spend the evening in the clubs and bars with your New York escort lady.

The hotel has 86 rooms with stylish furnishings. They are spacious, open and high in design. The rooms are flooded with light and offer a lot of comfort. They were designed by Kit Kemp and contrast with the floor-to-ceiling windows. The entire interior is modern, but still feels tempting and homely.

in the Croyby Street Hotel There is a cinema that opens its doors to around 100 guests every day. The bar and terrace offer culinary delights. You and your high class escort New York will especially like the cocktails.

Restaurants for sophisticated tastes for you and your New York escort companion

Peter Luger Steak House (178 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY 11211)


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The restaurant Peter Luger is undoubtedly one of the best in the city. More specifically, it is a steakhouse that was founded back in 1887 and is located in Williamsburg. A neighborhood that is very popular in the scene and can be found in Brooklyn.

There used to be a large number of Germans living there. The restaurant is located in a brick house with a wooden front door. It almost looks like a beer hall. Even if you don't make a reservation, you won't have to wait long for your exquisite steak with your New York escort lady. A visit is therefore always worth it.

The restaurant has achieved cult status and has already received a Michelin star. It opens the door to around 150 guests every day. There are basically only four dishes to choose from: Steak for up to four people. In addition, you and your escort Newy York model can also order two different fish dishes.

However, most guests opt for the famous porterhouse steak. The special thing about it is that the recipe dates back to the 1960s.

What determines the quality of the steaks? The meat matures over several weeks in the restaurant's cold room. The serving takes place with an impressive fireworks display - this will definitely delight your lovely high class escort New York companion. Prices are quite affordable for such excellent quality.

Eleven Madison Park (11 Madison Ave, NY 10010)


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The restaurant Eleven Madison Park in New York City is a three-star restaurant that is considered one of the best restaurants in the United States and worldwide. It is located in the heart of Manhattan, across from Madison Square Park. The restaurant was founded by Daniel Humm and Will Guidara and offers an elegant and modern atmosphere.

Eleven Madison Park's menu features seasonal ingredients and innovative dishes inspired by American and European cuisine. The wine list is also impressive, offering an extensive selection of wines from around the world.

The restaurant also offers a unique dining experience called "The Eleven Madison Park Experience" where guests take a customized journey through the menu depending on each guest's likes and dislikes.

The atmosphere at Eleven Madison Park is elegant and sophisticated, yet warm and inviting. The staff is friendly and attentive, and the service is first class. The restaurant also has stunning views of Madison Square Park and the surrounding Manhattan skyline.

It is important to note that advance reservations are required at Eleven Madison Park.

The hottest bars for you and your escort New York model

Harriet's Rooftop (60 Furman Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201)


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The bar awaits you at the aforementioned 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge Harriet's Rooftop. It is located directly on the world-famous bridge, which also gives it its name. From the terrace you have your charming Escort model a breathtaking view of the New York skyline.

You can also see the Statue of Liberty and the East River from the patio. Take a seat in the comfortable armchairs with your high class escort New York or choose a sofa to dine. The glass railing allows you a clear view of the surroundings.

You can also visit the bar if you are not checked into the hotel. The prices already indicate the quality of the food and drinks. But it's worth trying these. We also recommend you stay at the hotel with all its amenities.

230 Fifth (230 Fifth Ave (Corner 27th), Manhattan, NY 10001)


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Speaking of beautiful views - that too 230 Fifth can score points with it. It is a restaurant with a bar. You and your luxury escort New York can order something to eat and drink there. For example, burgers and handmade fries are on offer. Order a delicious drink with it.

The house is always well attended. This is not only due to the delicacies, but also to the very service-oriented employees. They take time for their guests.

It's no coincidence that 230 Fifth is always full. Another reason for this is the wonderful view of the New York skyline. A visit is recommended at any time of the year.

In winter, comfortable igloos are available for you and your travel companions. They offer protection from unpleasant weather. Just make yourself comfortable with your New York escort lady and get closer to each other. Inside, colorful lighting creates a pleasant atmosphere. The igloos are of course heated and equipped with carpets and sofas. The best atmosphere to get up close and personal with your attractive VIP escort grace...

It is not possible to reserve the igloos. You must be there on time to take advantage of this unique opportunity. They are available until March each year.

Shopping in New York - especially exciting with your high class escort model

Upper East Side

High Class Escort New York City Guide – Upper East Side
New York's high society lives on the Upper East Side. It is characterized by the numerous high-rise buildings, shops and department stores that are located on Madison Avenue. Shop here with your New York escort lady for high-quality pieces from Prada, Tiffany, Louis Vuitton and other designers.

Stroll along the shop windows and discover the countless treasures and rarities that the dealers have in store for you. If you are in New York, shopping on Madison Avenue is a must for you and your lovely companion.

Stop by Saks Fifth Avenue or visit Bergdorf Goodman and be inspired by the ornately decorated storefronts.


High Class Escort New York City Guide – Soho
Soho is short for South of Houston Street. There are various shops, shops, bars and cafés where you can stop off with your attractive travel companion after shopping. Clothing from Zara, Levi's and other brands is offered. The area is ideal for a leisurely stroll through the shops as it isn't as busy as Madison Avenue.

Soho is particularly characterized by the numerous products from various cult brands. These include American Two Shot, Glossier and Reformation. With your New York Grazie escort, don't miss the unique atmosphere that Soho inevitably exudes.


High Class Escort New York City Guide – Nolita
Nolita is short for North of Little Italy and is not as busy as Soho. Nolita impresses with charm and a modern ambience. This can already be seen in the style of the neighborhood residents.

Nolita is characterized by the many small streets with their colorful and inviting shop windows. Visit the small boutiques with your New York escort lady and treat yourself to something special. You can especially buy women's and men's clothing there. The stores in Nolita include Lingo or Babel Fair and many others with a luxurious range.

Take enough time to discover the many small and large treasures in Nolita's shops with your escort lady.

Sightseeing of a special kind - with your high class escort New York companion

Museum of Ice Cream (558 Broadway, NY 10012)


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This museum is also under the abbreviation MOIC known. If you love ice cream, you should definitely check it out. The museum has exhibitions in various rooms, each dedicated to a theme.

Various concepts related to ice cream are taken up and put into reality. Do you and your New York escort love ice cream? Then you shouldn't miss the Museum of Ice Cream. It's filled with art about ice cream. Find out more about its history and try the many delicacies with your high class escort New York companion.

ARTECHOUSE NYC (439 W 15th St, NY 10011)


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The ARTECHOUSE NYC is still fairly new in New York. It is located in Chelsea Market. The digital art exhibition is completely innovative and uses artificial intelligence to display images of the city in a dynamic way.

A visit to the facility is recommended for anyone interested in modern art. Discover the fusion of technology, science and art here with your New York escort lady.

The founders of the institution are Tati and Sandro. This is the third of its kind. The first ARTECHOUSE opened in Washington in 2017, and was founded in Miami a year later. The ARTECHOUSE has been in New York since 2019.

Empire State Building (20 W 34th St., NY 10001)


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This was true for a long period of time Empire State Building as the tallest structure in New York. For a while it was even the tallest building in the world. When the weather is clear, you can look 130 kilometers into the distance with your ESB escort New York model and see five states.

The height of the ESB is 443 meters. It is located in the borough of Manhattan and is visited by around four million people every year. The Empire State Building is the premier tourist attraction in New York.

The building can be seen very clearly in the Manhattan skyline. Not only do Americans love it, but the ESB is popular and a household name all over the world. A large number of films have also contributed to its popularity, in particular, of course, "King Kong and the White Woman", but also "Sleepless in Seattle", "Independence Day" and many others.

Since 1995, the Empire State Building has been one of the so-called architectural wonders of the modern world.

Edge (Hudson Yards, Manhattan, NY)


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The impressive platform was opened Edge only in 2020. It is one of the most beautiful sights in the city. It is the highest observation deck in New York. It allows an all-round view of 360 degrees. Take a look at the whole city with your high class escort New York companion from the top and enjoy the romantic atmosphere at sunset.

The platform is located in the massive Hudson Yards business district in Midtown. There is not only the special viewing platform there, but also food markets, shops and restaurants.

Highlights of the observation deck include views of the Statue of Liberty or Central Park. Once there, you and your luxury escort New York will be informed about the history of the district and find out everything about the creation of the Hudson Yards district.


A short trip to New York is simply an unforgettable experience - especially in the company of an attractive escort lady who will explore the city with you - and sweeten your nights. The city that never sleeps offers a wealth of sights and activities with something for everyone. Whether you admire the breathtaking panorama from the Empire State Building, stroll through Central Park or visit the numerous museums and galleries:

New York offers a unique mix of culture, history and modern city life. It's worth planning enough time to get to know the city in all its diversity. A short trip to New York is therefore ideal to get a taste of what this vibrant metropolis has to offer. Anyone who has ever been to New York will want to return again and again to discover even more.

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