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Grazia Agency I International High Class Escort Service

What does an escort lady earn?

May 2022

In hardly any other profession is it earned as quickly and pleasantly as in the escort area. A reputable high-class escort agency therefore works exclusively with highly professional, educated, sophisticated and stylish women - women with real class, just as men with a high standard want them. Of course, the earning potential in this segment is appropriate. The amount of an escort lady's fee is an interesting topic that depends on a number of factors. Therefore, we clarify the question below: What does an escort lady earn?

Different fee classes

How much a lady can earn with her escort services depends on a few circumstances. Above all, this includes her overall package, i.e. how sophisticated, educated and sexually open she is. Does she master certain sports, how eloquent is she, does she know about politics, business and culture? Various courses of study and further training also pay off, as does mastery of several languages and exquisite manners.

Depending on the requirements, there are agencies in the escort and high-class escort segment, which categorize according to education, skills, attractiveness and charisma. Of course, it is also important how flexible and willing to travel the women are. Escort modelsWomen who prefer to stay in one city have fewer inquiries than women who are more open to international travel.

Your own sexual openness and curiosity to try yourself also have a clear influence on the number of inquiries and the popularity of an escort model. Of course, the fee categories for women can also increase over time. This is based primarily on positive feedback from customers, repeat bookings and general demand from the escort lady.

Earning potential as an escort lady

Depends on the ones mentioned fee classes, there are usually very different earnings. So what exactly does an escort lady earn? Basically, one can say that an escort lady earns between €400 and €1000 per hour, depending on her overall package.

An escort lady accompanies her customers to business dinners and events and always gives her customers an entertaining time. Of course, intimate contact also plays a decisive role and rounds off a successful date.

In the vocation as an escort lady, not only visiting exquisite restaurants and great hotels, but also traveling is a big part. It is very often the case that an escort lady welcomes her clients accompanied shorter trips, weekend trips or business trips. Here, earnings are usually in the five-figure range plus accommodation in a luxury hotel, gifts and the best restaurants in town.

This kind of bookings are therefore particularly lucrative for the escort lady.

What is the fee paid for?

The amount that the customers pay to the escort lady as a fee in the high-class segment relates exclusively to her services as an escort, companion and entertainer, sexual performance only takes place after mutual sympathy and consent. However, if you are represented as a high-class escort lady in a corresponding luxury agency, you can assume that the agency will match ladies and customers accordingly so that both have a great time.

On a date, the customer always bears all the costs of the escort lady, so travel expenses, hotel accommodation, restaurant visits and even small gifts for the escort lady are borne by the customer.

In high-class escorts, it goes without saying that the escort lady is invited to dinner and that drinks and entrance fees for events are discreetly paid for her, so that she does not have to deal with money issues. Just as a lady can expect from a real gentleman.

The most important factors for a high fee for an escort lady should definitely include the following criteria. Because customers rate their experiences with the lady according to these, which in turn has an influence on future bookings and causes the agency to set or adjust their fee class accordingly.

- Attractiveness

Of course, it goes without saying that an escort lady should be visually appealing. Customers who do not (yet) know the lady can only judge her based on her pictures and the information given in her comp card. Of course, a lot depends on the optics, if it is immediately attractive, the photos are likeable and interesting, then the chances of many inquiries increase. Apart from the first impression, attractiveness also includes the lady's demeanor, how she moves and how stylishly she dresses and how she presents herself. So it's about the complete package, which has to be special and above average.

- Availability / spontaneity

A good escort lady is reliable and accordingly takes the time for her customers. If you agree to a date, you should of course take it. Spontaneous inquiries are possible, but rather atypical in high-class escorts. The customers are aware that the escort models only pursue this activity on the side and that none of the ladies is available on call. Dates are planned ahead of time in order to enable the escort ladies to be available accordingly.
Of course, there can also be spontaneous appointment requests, but it is more a matter of luck if the lady in question has not planned the evening elsewhere and can take a date like this.

- location/radius

The place of residence and the willingness to travel of the models naturally have an influence on how many appointments an escort lady can keep. In big cities there is a correspondingly higher demand, if a lady lives outside, it is up to her willingness to travel how many dates she wants and can go on.

- regular customers

Last but not least, the merit of a good escort also depends on how popular she is with customers. If she likes to be booked and remains interesting, you would like to see her again. This is of course particularly lucrative, because she can always count on regular income from long-term customers. Regular ladies also have the great advantage for the customer of already knowing them and not taking the risk of the blind date - a win-win situation for both of them.

What can the customer expect for his money?

True to the motto - you get what you're paying for.
It goes without saying, of course, that a customer in the high-class segment can expect a corresponding companion who knows how to behave in every situation.

A good escort lady knows what her counterpart is looking for, whether she is looking for an eloquent conversation partner, a sensitive listener or the sexy vamp. Sensitivity and empathy are always required here, as well as the talent to be able to adapt to every character and situation.

Last but not least, it goes without saying that customers as well as escort ladies are subject to a duty of discretion, so that private topics and intimate details of private life should not be communicated or disclosed - after all, both sides want to exclude a good and carefree time together, which is purely on the fun focused.

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