Grazia Agency I International High Class Escort Service
Grazia Agency I International High Class Escort Service
Mira Grazia Agency I International High Class Escort Service

Escort model MELINA

  • Age Early 20ies
  • Cost tier supreme
  • Availability International
  • cute, funny and very charming
  • natural appearance with depth
  • bright bundle of energy & empathetic listener
  • Head cinema guaranteed
  • leaves you wanting more...
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Body & Shape

Age Early 20

Height 170 cm

Measurements 94/70/100

StatureI have a feminine body with feminine curves

Bust 75 D (natural breasts)

Dress size 36/38

Shoe size 38

Eye color honey colored

Hair color Brunette

Status Exclusive

Head & mind

Residence Frankfurt am Main

Travel availability I am happy to be your travel companion both in Germany and internationally.

Nationality German

Education & CareerAt the moment I am still in my studies

Languages German (native) English (fluent)

Life & Love

Smoking I'm a non-smoker, but if you feel like having a cigarette in the evening, that's okay with me.

Tattoos & piercingsI have small tattoos but they are only visible when I undress...

Clothing - I dress casually elegant in everyday life, in the evening I like a nice dress with high heels and in warm temperatures I like a nice playful summer dress

Favorite place to travelAsia and South America are my favorite continents to travel to.
Menage a trois - Yes, with all Grazia escorts

Me & More

Cuisine I enjoy Italian, oriental and French cuisine

Beverages I prefer to drink a dry red wine or a semi-dry white wine, mineral water or a cocktail

Scent Kay Ali "Vanilla" & Yves Saint Laurent "Libre"

Flower colorful santini flowers

Gift ideas

COVID vaccination - fully vaccinated 

Graze over MELINA 


Escort Rates
Travel expenses

Sexy dates*

  • Short but intense
    Up to 2 hours (private time)
  • Little erotic break
    Up to 3 hours (Private Time)
  • Sexy & seductive
    Up to 4 hours (private time)
  • Each additional hour of private time
  • *
    The minimum booking outside the escort lady’s hometown is 4-6 hours.
  • *
    The term sexy dates defines dates that take place exclusively in the hotel room, but a short introductory drink is obligatory.
  • *
    If we accompany a couple, we add 30% to the listed fee

dinner dates**

  • Sensual rendezvous
    Up to 4 hours (including at least two hours of events or dinner accompaniment)
  • Dinner, drinks and erotic fireworks
    Up to 6 hours (including at least two hours of events or dinner accompaniment)
  • Sweet, sexy & sensual
    Up to 8 hours (including at least three hours of events or dinner accompaniment)
  • **
    The minimum booking outside the escort lady’s hometown is 4-6 hours.
  • **
    The minimum booking for dates within Europe is at least 12 hours
  • **
    The minimum booking for dates worldwide is at least 24 hours

Overnight Dates & Travel***

  • Sweet Dreams a la Grazia
    A short overnight date of 12 hours (from 8:00 p.m. or later)
  • A tempting night and croissants in the morning
    A long overnight date of 16 hours (from 6 p.m. or later)
  • A never ending love story
    A long overnight date of 18-20 hours (from 3 p.m. or later)
  • Une Belle Journee
    1 day - (up to 24 hours)
  • An erotic short trip
    2 days - (up to 48 hours)
  • Travel companion - (from 48 hours)
    Each additional night
  • ***
    An overnight date that starts before 8 p.m. is considered a long overnight.
  • ***
    Any long overnight should include dinner and breakfast.

In the homeland

  • hometown
    no travel expenses
  • Arrival up to 150 km from home min. booking from 4 hours
    from approx. EUR 150 / within home country plus possible hotel accommodation
  • Arrival within a home country from 150 km from home min. booking from 6-12 hours
    from approx. EUR 200 depending on the ticket price for flight/train and the duration of the journey + plus possible hotel accommodation

Europe & International

  • Travel to Europe
    Minimum booking from 12 hours - 150.00 EUR + flight ticket
  • International arrival
    min. booking from 24 hours – 250.00 EUR + flight ticket

information about MELINA

My erotic preferences

My personal interview

What attracts you to the escort?
I love to try new things sexually, as an escort lady I can experience my wild life at a high level and combine passion, adventure and a touch of luxury.

Which erotic fantasies and preferences do you have?
I love being surprised, like sitting at a bar waiting for a strange gentleman to come up to me and just hand me a little slip of paper with the room number and room key. After my drink I go to his room, the door opens and I stand in a darkened room with candles, then I am warmly welcomed by my stranger...
This uncertainty and this allure of curiosity really turns me on.

Which piece of literature moved and inspired you?
The Alchemist ~ Paulo Coelho
This work has contributed greatly to my personality reflection, stimulated me to think and changed my world view.

What are your goals and dreams?
My goals are independence in both private and professional life.
I want to live my life to the fullest and enjoy it so that I never have to say, unfortunately I was never able to experience that and I missed it. I want to travel the world, get to know cultures, learn new languages. Just make the seemingly impossible, possible. I love life as it is at the moment, but also as it can become.

What is your favorite restaurant / bar ?
Falks bar in Munich, 5 restaurants - Stuttgart,

Do you rather follow your head or heart?
I prefer to listen to my feelings, which have never deceived me before.

Do you prefer a relaxing beach holiday or an active city trip?
A city trip can be very attractive because I like to discover new things myself. Nevertheless, I also enjoy a beach holiday with a tropical flair to the fullest.

What are you passionate about?
I am fascinated by art and culture, fashion and design. Wellness, or sporting activities such as skiing, swimming or hiking.

What experience changed your life?
I've learned that "happiness" is a lot of work that will eventually bring me success.
,,Every man is the architect of his own fortune".

Do you prefer books or do you prefer watching movies? Which are your favorites that have left a lasting impression?
I prefer to watch films, you can watch them together, laugh together and embark on the adventure.

What are you often complimented on?
I am often told how pure my heart is and how selfless I am.
With my open and direct manner, with my wonderful smile, everyone takes me to their hearts.

Are you more of a tomboy or a princess? And why?
My appearance shows the princess, but behind closed doors I also like to show myself as a robber's daughter. ;-)

I am a princess from the first impression, my demeanor and manners, as well as my wardrobe.

My passion, pleasure and the advantages of my personality tempt me to become a robber's daughter.

What would you consider to be a perfect rendezvous with a gentleman?
You invite me to the bar and we can get to know each other better over a drink or two. After intensive discussions we turn to dinner. With a glass of wine and the menu, we deepen our relationship and create a common harmony. After dinner we have one or two more drinks until we feel like spending the night together and we go to the room together...

Why did you choose the agency Grazia Escorts?
I have very high standards for myself and Grazia was the only agency that could inspire me. The Grazia website corresponds to my ideas of aesthetics, style and class, which distinguishes a high-class escort agency.

What is your philosophy?
"Things are only worth what you give them"

What does sensuality mean to you?
For me, eroticism means lust, sex, satisfaction, sensuality, devotion and a certain uncertainty due to the preferences of the partner.

Tell us an intimate secret about yourself...
There are too many, but stay tuned maybe I'll tell you one ;)

Something about myself

Hello dear stranger,

Escort is a passion for me because I have an insatiable desire for erotic adventures. It's my special way that allows me to let myself go completely and to surrender completely through the excitement of uncertainty.
In my private life I'm pretty busy, which is why Escort gives me a break, takes me into a world full of luxury, lets me experience varied adventures and satisfies my sexual desire.
In addition to my open, positive and humorous nature, I will convince you with my feminine curves and my sex appeal. I think every encounter is a new chance to experience something exciting and to share it with someone. I would be happy if we two get to know each other personally soon and enjoy many sensual moments together.

I'm happy for you.


I like

I love meeting new people, gaining new impressions and thereby gaining experience.

I'm a very sociable person and I'm always happy to be with you, whether for a walk on the beach, hiking, or just enjoying the evening in front of the fireplace with a glass of wine.

Traveling and thereby exploring the world, and being enchanted by culinary delights, simply constant surprises that can await you behind every door, increases the desire for more, to be allowed to experience more, to be allowed to see or to be allowed to feel.

I am very curious, I want to see, hear and feel everything, if I can experience it all with you it appeals to me all the more to get to know you.

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