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Grazia Agency I International High Class Escort Service

High Class Escort Zurich - City Guide for your exciting trip to the Swiss metropolis

October 2022

Zurich – the largest city in Switzerland with around 400,000 inhabitants. Not much compared to other major cities around the world, but Zurich is a world-class city. The economic center of Switzerland, seat of important global players, especially in banking, is known for its high proportion of wealthy citizens. No matter how long you stay or what the purpose of your visit to this unique city is - you will certainly remember Zurich. Experience a very special mixture of Swiss lifestyle, ubiquitous prosperity and an equally historic and well-kept cityscape.

High Class Escort Zurich - The escort service that will make your visit to Zurich even more unforgettable

Our wonderful high-class escort Zurich ladies are the perfect companions for your exciting trip to the Swiss metropolis. With whom would you like to stroll along the glittering Lake Zurich, enjoy the incomparable charm of the old town or admire the sparkling lights on the water from the famous Quaibrücke in the twilight of the evening? With which beauty by your side would you most like to discover this incomparable city?

The decision is yours alone. You can rely on the absolute discretion and complete professionalism of our high-class escort Zurich agency. If you are romantic and looking for an atmosphere of luxury and elegance, rest assured that you have found the perfect places and the right ones ladies with us who are always ready for demanding, intelligent and sophisticated discussions. Only a top escort service in Zurich can offer you all this.

But if you want to enjoy fun, nightlife and sightseeing in the company of one of our high-class escort Zurich ladies, who will show you every corner of the city, that's no problem either. Are you ready for the challenge? Then we will introduce you to Zurich, the internationally renowned economic and financial center of Switzerland, with our City Guide, including the best nightlife locations and gastronomic delights in Zurich.

Our hotel recommendations for you and your High Class Escort Zurich

Park Hyatt

if you im Park Hyatt Zurich check in, you are in the heart of the incomparable city. The hotel is located directly on the shore of Lake Zurich and offers short distances to nearby museums, restaurants and event locations. Enjoy the elegance of the hotel's rooms and suites. You can relax in the Olympus Spa and work out in the fitness center. Your high-class escort Zurich lady will be delighted. Let yourself be seduced by the charm of the city and the beauty of your companion enchant.

Zurich Marriott Hotel

The elegant Zurich Marriott Hotel is a short distance from the glamorous business and shopping district and the sights of the old town. The hotel offers 24-hour room service. You and your high-class escort Zurich lady can enjoy real premium beds. If you are staying in an Executive or Grand Superior room or in one of the suites, you have unlimited access to the Executive Lounge, where complimentary snacks and drinks are served throughout the day and in the afternoon. The eCHo restaurant serves Swiss specialties at a high level. The breakfast buffet is more than plentiful and unquestionably only the finest meals are served. A fitness center attached to the hotel is open all day. A sauna and a solarium are of course also available.

The Dolder Grand Hotel

The Grand Hotel Dolder is particularly known for its award-winning restaurant. The hotel is as exclusive as it is noble and has, almost of course, been awarded 5 stars. This hotel is located high above Zurich, so the location alone makes for unforgettable memories. Relaxation and the enjoyment of simple elegance is the goal of the hotel management. Junior suites as well as deluxe double rooms have a balcony with a truly breathtaking view. You and your High Class Escort Zurich lady can admire the splendor of Lake Zurich, the Alps rising in the distance or the twinkling lights of the city at your feet. Your high-class escort Zurich lady will not only love this hotel because of the view, because she can also be pampered with a manicure or pedicure. A day or evening make-up ensures the pleasure of the female guests. In addition to relaxation through detoxification cures and fitness programs, the hotel even offers its visitors guided meditation. Relaxation and the well-being of the guests are the top priority in this hotel.

Our recommendations for attractive activities together with your High Class Escort Zurich

Discovery of the magnificent old town

You have to see the Bahnhofstrasse in Zurich in your lifetime. In summer you can stroll straight from the train station to Bürkliplatz on Lake Zurich. On your way there, one elegant shop follows the other.

A particularly exclusive address in Zurich is definitely the jewelry store Bucherer. From Rolex to Cartier and Panerei toPastello, you will find everything here that your heart could desire for luxury.

Switzerland is particularly well-known for its watches. It goes without saying that you will find many shops in the old town that offer these exclusive watches. These noble addresses include, for example, the Omega Botique Zurich, Meister 1881 AG or Gübelin AG. These are watches with true style and taste. And your stylish high-class escort Zurich lady will certainly advise you on a selection.

But a special watch does not quite make a man of the world. It also depends on the right outfit! But where, if not in Zurich, could your most demanding requirements be met? Whether Salvatore Ferragamo, Massimo Dutti or COS - there is probably no luxury brand that cannot be purchased in Zurich. You could give your high-class escort Zurich lady some attention with a noble perfume or a fine, high-quality handbag.

If you visit Zurich in winter, you can also enjoy the romantic atmosphere of the street lights with your high-class escort Zurich lady, while you stroll through the annual Christmas market and can be tasted at the numerous mulled wine and chocolate stands. Your lovely high-class escort Zurich lady will certainly like to be warmed up with a cup of mulled wine.

Walk to the historic Schanzengraben

The Schanzengraben, built from 1642, used to be the moat of Zurich's 3rd city fortifications and was built over a period of around a century.

When the old fortifications were dismantled in the 19th century, the original plan was to fill in the moat and use it as a second exit to the lake. The same fate threatened him after 1910, when a new road had to be built through the town. For a while it was even used as a factory canal to drain the waste water from the surrounding industries.

Despite all these imponderables, the Schanzengraben is today integrated into Zurich's cityscape as a true oasis. Your high-class escort Zurich lady will be happy to accompany you to this wonderful place. The broken contours of the former Schanzenstern are still clearly visible from the air.

Visit to the Chinese Garden

Thanks to Zurich's twinning with Kunming, China, there is an enchanting Chinese garden on the eastern shore of Lake Zurich.

After a busy day, you can relax in the garden, which is designed according to Feng Shui, in the company of your wonderful high-class escort Zurich lady in a dignified atmosphere.

Pavilions, arched bridges, moon gates, bamboo forests and the opposites of water on the one hand and mountains on the other hand, this is the tangible reality of the principle of yin and yang, for the feminine and the masculine, for the moon and for the sun, for the cold and the hot, stands for tenderness and for cruelty... Feel the healing interweaving of the elements of the Middle Kingdom.

A day trip to St. Gallen

The breathtaking old town of St. Gallen is rightly a UNESCO World Heritage Site. An open-air event, the St. Gallen Festival, which is well known beyond the Swiss border, takes place there in summer. The operas listed here in particular offer you and your high-class escort Zurich lady a sophisticated experience that is the ideal complement to strolling through the exclusive streets of Zurich's old town.

St. Gallen, this small town right on Lake Constance is now a world-famous textile town. Linen, then cotton, has been produced here since the Middle Ages. Cotton embroidery, initially done by hand, evolved into machine embroidery and eventually lace embroidery, now popular with brands such as Chanel, Dior and Armani. St. Gallen lace can be seen all over the world at the major fashion shows in Paris, Milan and even New York. High-quality lace and one of our attractive high-class escort Zurich ladies at your side - that sounds like an excellent combination.

By the way, if you are in Zurich or St. Gallen in winter, then St. Moritz is an ideal destination. Skiing, then in the sauna or an erotic evening with your high-class escort Zurich lady by the fireplace? There are no limits to your imagination here.

Our restaurant recommendations for you and your High Class Escort Zurich

Restaurant "Zum Weissen Rössli"

Few restaurants can be said to be world famous. One of the few restaurants about which one can say this with certainty is the restaurant "Zum Weissen Rössli". This restaurant is a place where you and your High Class Escort Zurich lady can feel comfortable. The personal service and the food are really excellent. All this is complemented by a classically stylish interior and a professional and attentive service. You will always remember a delicious and perfect meal with your High Class Escort Zurich lady. Not only is the food of exceptional quality, but the wines are also of exceptional excellence. The menu focuses on typical Swiss dishes, but there are also specialties from Alsace. If the guests get tired of all the feasting and possibly the delicious wine, they can rent a room in the "Weisses Rössli". Your high-class escort Zurich lady will certainly accompany you there and let the evening of culinary excellence end with you.

the restaurant

Another world-class restaurant in a world-class city: "The restaurant" is the best rated restaurant in the Michelin Guide. It is located directly in "The Dolder Grand Hotel". Thanks to the exclusive location high above the roofs of Zurich, you can not only enjoy excellent food and the best wines, but also a breathtaking and incomparable view.

Restaurant Ach'i

If you love Chinese cuisine, don't worry about that when you visit Zurich Restaurant Ach'i got around. The portions are large, the taste is excellent and true gourmets will quickly discover that only the best quality products are used for all dishes in this restaurant.

Our recommendations for nightlife with your High Class Escort Zurich

The merchants

This club was voted one of the ten best nightlife locations in all of Europe by a well-known British fashion magazine. Where, if not here in this exclusive club, can you start the exciting nightlife of Zurich with your high-class escort Zurich lady? That "merchants" is both a bar and a club. In addition to stylish parties, there are regular concerts, theater and dance evenings.

The Mata Hari Bar

the Mata Hari Bar is a completely exclusive bar, despite its rustic interior. There is almost no drink that you cannot drink in this bar. A wonderful place where you can relax, celebrate and have stimulating conversations with your high-class escort Zurich lady.

Bar in the Kronenhalle restaurant

In the presence of real works of art by world-class artists such as Picasso and Chagall, you and your High Class Escort Zurich lady can not only enjoy fine drinks and food, but also feel a very special touch of nostalgia around you. This is almost a relic from the past, when the waiter was still addressed as "Herr Ober". Bar in the Kronenhalle restaurant.


This brings us to the end of our little city guide. Of course, this is only a small overview of all the possibilities that Zurich can offer you. Apart from the locations presented here, the city also offers a very rich cultural offer. However, we are sure that you will return if you have only visited Zurich once before. And next time our High Class Escort Zurich will be there too Models gladly accompany you again.

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