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Grazia Agency I International High Class Escort Service

7 hot ideas for your escort date in your favorite metropolis

October 2022

No matter where in the world you would like to experience your unforgettable high-class escort date, sexy ideas and suggestions for what you can experience with your attractive escort girl are always well received.

Every city exudes a unique charm, is attractive and enthusiastic in its own way. And yet there are activities and escort date ideas that you and your escort lady can enjoy in every city. In the following we want to give you a few sexy ideas for your escort date.

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1. Date idea: A special kind of escort date - a hotel with that certain something

Before you and your high class escort model experience the city together, it is always nice to have a good home base for the weekend. Choose a 5-star hotel in a posh area. Here you and your high-class escort lady can enjoy every comfort. Perhaps you are already enjoying your first private concert in your suite or getting dangerously close in the shower. Every metropolis has a wide range of luxury hotels that will certainly appeal to you and your attractive escort girl. Most European metropolises are cities of fashion, fame and nobility and offer you and your escort lady luxurious traditional houses and modern residences.

2. Date idea: The restaurant - excellent food - the basis for your escort date

An outstanding restaurant is always a good start for a sensational escort date and a good idea throughout the time together. Most cities have very good and excellent restaurants. A reliable guide is the Michelin Guide. Here you can filter according to different categories, for example whether and how many stars the restaurant should have and which cuisine you or your escort girl prefer. When choosing, also pay attention to the location itself.

Especially recommended are restaurants where you and your Escort model experience a little intimacy. This is how stimulating conversations come about quickly and you can chat about all topics and your fantasies during your escort date without taboos. Another tip is to choose a restaurant high above the city rooftops or reserve a table in a swanky ballroom. Your high-class escort lady will surely be impressed and you will certainly appreciate the atmosphere. All metropolises have exquisite restaurants to offer, which you can enjoy together with your escort girl.

3. Date idea: Spas and wellness centers - sweating in the sauna and goosebumps under the ice shower - enjoy your escort date with all your senses

Expansive wellness complexes and romantic spas always ensure an intimate but sizzling atmosphere. Enjoy a Finnish sauna or a visit to the jacuzzi together with your high-class escort girl. It is also possible to book a hotel room or a suite with a whirlpool bath. In this case, you can take a warm bubble bath together during your escort date, light candles or talk to your escort lady about your secret fantasies and love each other uninhibitedly. In every European metropolis there is a generous offer of wellness centers and a selection of hotels with a private bathtub on the suites. Use this opportunity to make your escort date unforgettable.

4. Date idea: Sunset deluxe - A sunset just for you and your escort girl

A sunset always has something romantic, something fascinating and erotic. There are many different ways to enjoy dusk. For example, you can spend the sunset in the middle of nature on a mild summer evening in solitude with your escort girl. A beautiful lake just outside the city or a beautiful central park are ideal here. Most European metropolises are also located on rivers or other bodies of water, where people come together in the evening hours and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and the lightness. An escort date first takes place in a relaxed and relaxed environment before it gets really intimate... With the knowledge of what will happen later behind the doors of your suite, you and your escort model will certainly feel comfortable.

Another option is to surrender to the sunset on a hip rooftop terrace and with a delicious cocktail. Your high-class escort model will certainly have many ideas as to what she could do with you at this courageous height... let yourself be surprised and (seduced) lead or become active yourself and let your fantasies run free. What is certain is that this will be an escort date in a class of its own.

Dusk always contributes to a unique atmosphere. Enjoy the exuberant evening mood and the break from everyday life with your high-class escort lady. Every European metropolis has its trend and in locations to welcome and celebrate the sunset atmosphere with dignity.

5th date idea: culture & art (escort date in the museum) - nothing is more erotic than impressive education

Culture, art, galleries, museums, collections of paintings and exhibitions. Nothing is more attractive than an educated gentleman. Your escort girl will be impressed with your knowledge of the artworks and high-priced creations. Enjoy the full admiration of your Escort models during your hours together and feel the goosebumps when your escort girl lovingly caresses you from the belly down.

Stroll through the most famous museums in the metropolis and be sure that the most attractive lady in this museum has appeared as your escort today. Relax knowing you have a stunning escort date.

Every metropolis has a large selection of impressive museums and changing exhibitions. It may make sense to organize tickets for your escort date early on. In this way you can save yourself queues and immerse yourself directly in the cultural scene.

Galleries often have the advantage of selling works of art. Maybe you are currently looking for a painting and with this purchase you will even take a nice souvenir of your escort date with you.

6. Date idea: Forever young - sipping cocktails in a hip club

Excellent drinks and cocktails, dim lighting, hot beats and hip people. Both a cool cocktail bar and a hip club always loosen up your escort date. Enjoy the lively atmosphere and order a cocktail or drink for you and your escort girl. How about a Moscow Mule or a simple Martini Bianco?

Enjoy the moment when your hot Escort model sits on your lap and undoes the top button of your shirt. Enjoy the ease as if there were no tomorrow. So your escort date will be a hundred percent a success.

When choosing a cocktail bar or club, it is always good to see which drinks are on offer and what music and beats are played here. All metropolises offer a wide range of locations. From extravagant Rooftop cocktail bars to a hip trend bar under the tracks, you can find everything with a little research. Your escort model or the Grazia escort service can also give you some insider tips for the individual metropolises.

7th date idea: escort date open end - dancing until dawn

Sweaty and drunk all night, you find yourself at 6 a.m. in the spacious shower of your suite with the hottest escort girl in the metropolis. The night was long, hot and unique.

How about a top-class club night? This is not a problem with your escort girl. Every metropolis has incredible party locations, legendary DJs, party series and clubs to offer. Let yourself be carried away by the dancing, hot crowd and your fascinating escort model. Forget everything around you, order a bottle of champagne and celebrate life.

In order to find the right trend location for you and your escort girl, it is important to first decide which beats your escort lady can snuggle up to. May it be hot Latino salsa beats? Or do you prefer a bit of electro-pop or techno? Would you rather feel the hips of your escort date on your body to RnB and hip-hop?

No matter which location and beats you choose, forget everything around you and enjoy the time together with your escort lady.


We hope we were able to give you a few suggestions for your next, or maybe even your first, high-class escort date. An escort date is always a journey to yourself. Because you have the opportunity to think carefully about what illusions, fantasies and wishes you have that you can make come true together with your hot and maybe lascivious or classy escort girl.

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