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Grazia Agency I International High Class Escort Service
Grazia Agency I International High Class Escort Service

Escort Heidelberg - from the castle to the love stone

Jan 2022

Book your high class escort Heidelberg now and enjoy exciting hours and adventures. Discreet & transparent!

From the romantic Heidelberg Castle you have a fantastic view of the old town. This is definitely one of the most beautiful and best-known castle ruins in Germany and is located in the middle of magnificent, green forests.

The Philosopher's Path opposite owes its name to the numerous philosophers who strolled along the path in the 17th and 18th centuries and had fascinating and instructive conversations. The ideal setting for an Escort Heidelberg date.

Every year in June, July and September the castle is spectacularly illuminated on three selected days. The Bengali beacons take viewers back into history. It looks as if the castle is burning, as it did at the end of the 19th century. This is how the castle ruins came into being, which are now a real tourist magnet and a popular place for dates.

At the end, the fireworks display, which overlooks the night-dark sky in magnificent colors, invites you to marvel and linger.

Heidelberg is a city that offers wonderful experiences, numerous attractions, gourmet restaurants, elegant bars, extravagant discotheques, extraordinary adventures with your Escort Heidelberg accompaniment and luxurious hotels. You will find a small but particularly fine selection right here in our City Guide about the city of Heidelberg.

Sightseeing with your Escrot Heidelberg

Heidelberg Castle ((Schlosshof 1, 69117 Heidelberg, Germany)

This towers high above the old town of Heidelberg Heidelberger Castle, an impressive ruin and evidence of Renaissance architecture. It tells the story of princes, kings and wars and is inextricably linked to the history of the city. The castle offers a breathtaking view of the Neckar and the city.

In the company of a high-class escort Heidelberg lady, your visit to Heidelberg Castle will be a romantic and at the same time culturally enriching experience. Discover the mysterious corners of the castle together and immerse yourself in the stories and myths it has to tell.

The Old Bridge (Karl-Theodor-Brücke, 69117 Heidelberg, Germany)

The stone pedestrian bridge over the Neckar, also known as the Old Bridge, is one of Heidelberg's most famous landmarks. It connects the old town with the opposite bank of the Neckar. The bridge dates back to the 18th century and is not only architecturally remarkable, but also offers a wonderful backdrop for walks.

An evening walk with a high class escort Heidelberg lady along the Old Bridge, where the soft light of the lanterns illuminates the Neckar, creates an incomparably romantic atmosphere.

Escort Heidelberg - from the castle to the love stone Grazia Agency I International High Class Escort Service

Visit the old bridge with your Heidelberg escort

Philosophenweg (Philosophenweg, 69120 Heidelberg, Germany)

A little away from the city center, on the hills of the northern bank of the Neckar, you will find the Philosopher's Path. The path offers one of the most beautiful views of Heidelberg and the castle. It is said that in times past, professors and philosophers came here to think in peace and enjoy the view.

A walk along the Philosopher's Path in the company of a high-class escort Heidelberg lady is the perfect place to have intimate conversations while enjoying the impressive views of the city and the river.

Explore this historic city with an escort Heidelberg lady and let yourself be enchanted by its charm. Heidelberg, known for its romance, will certainly be an unforgettable experience with company.


Hotels and restaurants for your escort Heidelberg

the Hirschgasse is not only the oldest, but also one of the most romantic hotels in Heidelberg. The in-house Restaurant "Le Gourmet" has been awarded a Michelin star. If you with your escort lady Sitting in the historic restaurant and enjoying fine food and fine wine, a romantic evening is inevitable.

You can even book a candlelight dinner with 5 courses, a table decorated with rose petals and a champagne aperitif with your Heidelberg escort. Chef Mario Sauer pampers the palate, while sommelier Erik Himpel serves a fine selection of wines.

The restaurant Above at Kohlhof 5 in Heidelberg offers a very special taste experience for you and your high class escort lady. The restaurant, which has been awarded a Michelin star, impresses with its creative natural cuisine. The distinctive taste of the freshly prepared food, which can be enjoyed in the midst of nature, is truly unforgettable.

The unique menu takes you and your companions on a breathtaking journey full of taste adventures and tempts you with delicious delicacies that are perfectly presented on beautiful plates. With our unique Escort Heidelberg you can experience exactly this adventure.

Above the restaurant is a 70 square meter studio with an open living and sleeping area, which invites you to spend the night and promises pleasant hours for two.

the european yard in Heidelberg is a magnificent 5 star hotel with elegant and luxurious rooms. Each room is individually furnished and the details have been designed with love and dedication. The service is excellent and very customer oriented. A place where you can simply feel good with your escort lady and let your soul recover.


From morning to evening you have the opportunity to enjoy unique culinary delights made from high-quality, fresh ingredients. If you can't get enough of relaxation, we recommend paying a visit to the Panorama Spa in the Hotel Heidelberg and enjoying the time with your high class escort Heidelberg.

After a few leisurely laps in the pool, you can enjoy refreshing drinks with your escort lady at the in-house bar. The sun terrace with pool and whirlpool is located on the roof of the hotel and offers relaxation and happiness as well as a unique view over the city of Heidelberg.

Sports enthusiasts will also get their money's worth here and will be impressed by the modern fitness equipment. While you train, your Escort Heidelberg lady can be pampered with wonderful beauty treatments. There is also a hot Finnish sauna, a sanarium with color therapy and a steam bath at your disposal. This means you can forget your everyday worries and really relax.

Also the boutique suites in the old cigar factory in Heidelberg offer luxurious overnight accommodation. The historical flair of the building and the exclusive suites promise pure luxury. Spend unforgettable hours with our Grazia Escort Service, relax with your companion in the whirlpool bathtub and enjoy culinary delicacies that will take your taste buds to lofty heights.

Anyone who appreciates pleasure and romance will more than like Heidelberg. The wonderful city invites you to linger, marvel and enjoy and, in addition to unique 5-star hotels, premium gourmet restaurants and elegant cocktail bars, it also offers a beautiful old town and magnificent green spaces.

Cocktail bars for an escort Heidelberg

To round off the evening perfectly, our Grazia High Class Escort Agency recommends the bent bar at Leyergasse 2 in Heidelberg. The fabulous cocktails can be enjoyed on the bar's terrace, which offers spectacular views.



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Also the noble cocktail bar Chambino at Neckarstaden 52 in Heidelberg offers delicious cocktails, fine wines and a cozy atmosphere. There is also a fine selection of tapas and nothing stands in the way of a cozy, wonderful evening.


Grazia International Escort Service wishes you a relaxed and unforgettable stay in the high-class escort city of Heidelberg and a relaxing time with the escort lady Your choice!

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