Grazia Agency I International High Class Escort Service
Grazia Agency I International High Class Escort Service

The escort date - tempting fantasies become reality

Sep 2021

Everyone has their own ideas about an escort date, we want to share a few of these fantasies with you and inspire you to dream:

My escort date in the hotel

I am sitting at the bar in the hotel and there I see her, a beautiful and at the same time highly erotic young woman, wavy hair that envelops her fine features, red lips and almond-shaped eyes. Her movements fluent and elegant like those of a cat, her laughter so warm and her voice so gentle that you melt away. Black lace flashes through her elegant silk dress.

I know she know I noticed. She enjoys the attraction and feels my eyes on her body as they slowly wander from the lips down, over her neck, the plump bosom, the long legs to the pointy pumps on her feet. I feel how it excites me only the thought of this woman, I want more, now ...

Enjoy a carefree time with an escort date

A fresh coffee, like every morning at 9:00 a.m., it's Wednesday and I know for sure: I'll see her again today, this lovely, young waitress with the sweet dimples. She studies literature and works on the side - she told me last time. As always, your greeting is warm with a smile. “Good morning, nice to see you again - how are you?” She asks.

It reminds me of my first childhood sweetheart, many years ago - when you didn't have to deal with the challenges of life and the world was one big adventure. Yes, everything was so relaxed and easy back then - I fondly remember those carefree times. I can do that with the lovely waitress, with her I like to sink into my thoughts - back into my carefree and youthful self from back then, at least for a brief moment ...

Hanna Grazia Agency I International High Class Escort Service

Hanna is looking forward to a date and an erotic adventure

Travel around the world with an escort date

This Instagram, a newfangled nonsense, but these women and their pictures - each more beautiful and exciting than the last. I can't avoid their hot bodies, sexy charisma and beautiful faces - every day a new one of them smiles at me through the screen. As always, I close my eyes briefly and imagine traveling with them to the most impressive places in the world. The curly-haired beauty pampering me naked in the pool in the Maldives, the racy brunette and her friend with whom I'm celebrating my very own private party on a yacht in Dubai. And the wild blonde with whom I roll sleeplessly through the sheets...

Change from everyday life with an escort date

I have always asked myself what it is like to live out your fantasies and just switch off your head - I grew up in a conservative environment, the best of my year and the earliest doctoral student in my year, my own company, successful and financially carefree.

I got married young and became a father shortly afterwards - a good woman, intelligent, well-educated and attractive - but I still long for variety and an adventure. I want to feel free and carefree, experience my sexuality and try new things. Unfortunately I can't do that with my wife - she wouldn't understand.

I've worked a lot, sometimes forgetting myself, now I want to feel alive again - with mine Escort companion can I do that, she is my temporary lover - exactly what I need - my escape from everyday life! The life that I lead, my family and my work remain unaffected. It's a secret and belongs only to me ...

The crowning glory: escort date on a business trip

Another evening alone in the hotel room. I'm used to flying all over the world for business trips. During the day I conduct complex negotiations, attend business lunches and close deals. I used to find that exciting. Today it happens more and more often that I no longer feel like hitting the town after a professional success in the evening. I would much rather treat myself to an erotic adventure at its finest in my suite. Same today.

There's a knock on the door, I can hardly wait and I can feel my heart beating. The time has finally come, adventure, emotions, light-heartedness. She enters the suite. Only a Burberry trench coat caresses her body. Her red lips smile at me, her blue eyes drive me insane. I desire her. i want more now

She sits on my lap facing me and kisses me deeply. My body reacts immediately. I hear a seductive voice whispering in my ear, "I came all the way to see you and can you imagine what the only thing I wear under my coat is at all times? A touch of nothing... do you want to see that?"

To be continued ...

Melissa Grazia Agency I International High Class Escort Service

High class escort Melissa is looking forward to new erotic adventures

Are you also looking for your individual escort date adventure? We from Grazia High Class Escort Agency We look forward to making your dreams a reality soon. Allow yourself to be impressed by the comp cards and pictures of our high class Escort models inspire... Do you have specific erotic fantasies? Maybe a sexy one Milf escort or a Menage-a-trois?


Grace and the Grazia Agency team

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