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from Berlin
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High Class Escort Model


"A man's most beautiful accessory is a woman by his side"
  • Age Early 30ies
  • Rate Category exquisite
  • Travel worldwide (with early request)
  • Submissive beauty
  • Sensuality, warmth and passion
  • The figure of a sexy, lovely doll
  • Excellent listener and eloquent conversationalist
  • Fairies are not only found in fairy tales

About Hannah


I am an ambitious young lady who always strives to do her best in everything she does.

In my life, I value being with people who are as optimistic as I am and have a positive attitude towards life. Because life is precious and too short not to live it full of joy and with a humorous perspective.

For me, every date is an exciting adventure where I can escape everyday life and enter a world full of possibilities. I love both romantic candlelight dinners where I can present myself in an elegant, sexy outfit and high heels, as well as romantic walks in nature where we can get closer to each other.

If you are longing for an unforgettable date that is characterized by passion, enriching conversations and open sexuality, then I look forward to experiencing moments together with you. Let's create an atmosphere where we can explore and pamper each other. It's important to me that you feel comfortable and valued.

I look forward to experiencing a journey full of desire and devotion with you.

With love, your Hanna
Grazia Agency I International High Class Escort Service

Body & Shape

Age Early 30

Height 167 cm

Measurements 84/63/90

StatureI have a petite figure with delicate features. I am said to have a very natural, feminine charisma, which I know how to skilfully stage.

Bust 75 C (natural breasts)

Dress size 34/36

Shoe size 37/38

Eye color Blue

Hair color Blond

Status Adventure

Head & mind

Residence Berlin

Travel availability I travel a lot for work, so I ask for an early request

Nationality German

Education & CareerFreelancer in a creative profession

Languages German (mother tongue), English (fluent), French (basic knowledge)

Life & Love

Smoking I don't smoke, but if you smoke, that's okay with me

Tattoos & piercingsI have small tattoos, but they are only visible naked

Clothing - I am a woman who loves and lives the feminine and sensual style of clothing. Beautiful dresses, high heels and sexy lingerie underline my femininity

Favorite place to travelI love traveling to the Maldives to Dubai and Spain
Menage a trois - Yes, with all Grazia escorts

Me & More

Cuisine I enjoy Italian, Asian and international cuisine

Beverages I prefer to drink champagne (Ruinart Rosé), Whiskey Sour and Gin Tonic

Scent Louis Vuitton "Les Sables Roses"

Flower Preferably peonies in all colors

Gift ideas


Information about Hanna

My erotic preferences

My personal interview

What attracts you to the escort?

What appeals to me most is the mystery of it all. It excites me to get dressed up for a date and to meet a gentleman I don't know. I love throwing myself head first into the adventure.

What erotic fantasies and preferences do you have?

The erotic attraction between two people excites me and I love playing with the electricity. I love when a man knows a woman's body and mind, that way I can fully surrender to my femininity and let myself go. Sometimes I also enjoy taking the initiative and seducing people to show what I like.

What are your goals and dreams in life?

My goals and dreams are to be professionally successful in what I love. Gratitude and love to live. In my possibilities to make the world a little bit better. To inspire people in a positive way. To keep developing myself and my personality, to be the best version of myself and thus to live a life of satisfaction.

What are you often complimented on?

I often receive compliments for my sensuality and erotic charisma. People appreciate my loving nature and friendliness. I appear very sensual and sexy to men - at least that's what I'm often told (I'll be happy to let you judge whether that's true). In addition, I often receive compliments for my dedicated way of engaging in interpersonal relationships and making the other person feel very special.

Are you more of a tomboy or a princess? And why?

I am a robber's daughter and a princess at the same time because I have both the charm and grace of a princess and the cheeky and adventurous nature of a robber's daughter. I'm actually more of a sweet and lovable person, but at the same time I'm ready to take on any challenge and I'm not above anything.

What would you consider to be a perfect rendezvous with a gentleman?

For me, a successful evening begins with good food. It really is true what they say: eating is a neccesity - but enjoying it is an art form. I love to have profound, interesting conversations in a great restaurant with a truly magical atmosphere. I hope we laugh a lot and am looking forward to us sharing stories.

Eroticism means to you?

For me, eroticism means surrendering to sensual moments with abandon and giving up control in order to let myself fall into a game of passion. It is an intensive exchange of desire and lust in which I like to put myself in the hands of my partner and can explore our deepest desires together. In this submissive role I find fulfillment and discover new dimensions of passion that take us both into a rush of the senses. It is a dance of bodies, emotions and desire that takes us into a world of ecstasy and intense connection.

Tell us an intimate secret about yourself...

Probably my most exciting little secret is the story of my first sexual experience with a woman ...

I was in Paris for a few days on business, and as I was alone I spent the evenings in a small wine bar near my hotel. On my last evening I met a French woman, attractive and charismatic, with dark curly hair. We started talking, I had not had any sexual experiences with a woman up until that point, but I felt incredibly drawn to her. We laughed a lot, flirted a lot and drank very good wine ... The next morning I woke up naked next to her, with an unknown but very satisfied feeling. I got dressed, grabbed my things and left ... we never saw each other again, but I remember it fondly ..

I like

Creativity, my job that inspires me every day, my family and friends, traveling, spontaneity, people who don't take themselves too seriously, humor and wit, spring - when everything starts to bloom again, real gentlemen, old-school manners, when a man opens the door for you, courtesy and appreciation, passion

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Grazia Agency I International High Class Escort Service
Travel Rates
Travel expenses

Sexy dates*

  • Short but intense
    Up to 2 hours (private time)
  • Little erotic break
    Up to 3 hours (private Time)
  • Sexy & seductive
    Up to 4 hours (private Time)
  • Each additional hour of private time
  • *
    The minimum booking outside the escort lady’s hometown is 4-6 hours.
  • *
    The term sexy dates defines dates that take place exclusively in the hotel room, but a short introductory drink is obligatory.
  • *
    If we accompany a couple, we add 30% to the listed fee

Dinner dates**

  • Sensual rendezvous
    Up to 4 hours (including at least 1-2 hours of events or dinner accompaniment)
  • Dinner, drinks and erotic fireworks
    Up to 6 hours (including at least two hours of events or dinner accompaniment)
  • Sweet, sexy & sensual
    Up to 8 hours (including at least three hours of events or dinner accompaniment)
  • **
    The minimum booking outside the escort lady’s hometown is 4-6 hours.
  • **
    The minimum booking for dates within Europe is at least 12 hours
  • **
    ** The minimum booking for dates worldwide is at least 24 hours

Overnight Dates & Travel***

  • Sweet Dreams a la Grazia
    A short overnight date of 12 hours (from 9:00 p.m. or later)
  • A tempting night and croissants in the morning
    A long overnight date of 16 hours (from 6 p.m. or later)
  • A never ending love story
    A long overnight date of 18-20 hours (from 3 p.m. or later)
  • Une Belle Journee
    1 day - (up to 24 hours)
  • An erotic short trip
    2 days - (up to 48 hours)
  • ***
    An overnight date that starts before 9 p.m. is considered a long overnight.
  • ***
    Any long overnight should include dinner and breakfast.

Travel & Long Term Dates
(from 48 hours)****

  • Travel companion from 3 nights
  • Travel companion from 4 nights
  • Travel companion from 5 nights
  • Travel companion from 7 nights
  • ****
    If you book more than 7 nights, we will be happy to arrange an individual offer with you.
  • ****
    If you would like to book an extra room for your companion, we would be happy to arrange an individual offer.

In the homeland

  • hometown
    no travel expenses
  • Arrival up to 150 km from home min. booking from 4 hours
    up to approx. 150 EUR / within home country
  • Arrival within a home country from 150 km from home min. booking from 6-12 hours
    from approx. EUR 200 depending on the ticket price for flight/train + plus (possible hotel accommodation)

Europe & International

  • Travel to Europe
    min. booking from 12 hours – 200.00 EUR + flight ticket
  • International arrival
    min. booking from 24 hours – 250.00 EUR + flight ticket
Hanna has a new date review

Dear Grace,

Thank you so much that the date with Hanna worked out.
What can I say, it was simply wonderful.
You immediately fall for Hanna with her sensual nature. We got along really well in all aspects and it was a pleasure to have fun with her.

My absolute favourite.

Kind regards to Hanna

LG, W.

Hanna has a new date review

Dear Grace,

It was simply fantastic, Hanna is really a very special woman. She is visually amazing and sexually insatiable. I really enjoyed our short date (unfortunately far too short) and am looking forward to seeing this seductress again.

I'll get in touch with you when I know when I'll be back in Berlin.
A short trip on the Hanna might also work. I can accompany you, but I'll get in touch.

Warm greetings,

Hanna has a new date review

"Hi Grace,

And the next wonderful grace I got to know ;)

Hannah - wow.

Thank you as always. Told her that I've already gotten to know Lucia and Melissa and it's quite possible that I'll get in touch about a duo.

I think that would also suit Hanna very well 😉
Although I have the pleasurable "spoiled for choice" 😉

See you soon xxx M"

Hanna has a new date review

Hanna Grazia Agency I International High Class Escort Service

"Good morning dearest Grace,

After waking up excellently and having a long breakfast, I am now back at the airport in the real world and would like to give you a brief feedback on last night.
Your matchmaking skills are really exceptional. Hanna is an exciting and interesting personality, it was a lot of fun getting to know her over the evening and getting a little insight into her world.

The whiskey sour in the pantry was an excellent start to the evening and after a good bottle of wine we made our way back to the hotel after midnight. There we warmed each other up with a view of the frozen French Cathedral 😉 before we spent a cozy night.

Please thank Hanna again for this great evening. I hope that there will be another opportunity for a date in the future, even if I can't imagine that such a great woman will remain available for long 😉


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