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Grazia Agency I International High Class Escort Service
Grazia Agency I International High Class Escort Service

Cityguide Friesland - a stimulating trip with a high class escort Friesland girl

June 2023

Friesland, with its idyllic landscape, picturesque coastal towns and a vibrant cultural scene, offers a perfect backdrop for an exciting and romantic trip with your high class escort Friesland. From stunning beaches to historic cities, there are endless opportunities to experience new adventures and enjoy intimate moments together.

Our top three sightseeing options with your escort Friesland girl

  1. The Wadden Sea: As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Wadden Sea in Friesland offers a breathtaking landscape with unique flora and fauna. It is a paradise for nature lovers and bird watchers. Discover the peaceful atmosphere and enjoy the wide view of the sea while you experience the beauty of nature together with your high class escort Friesland.
  2. The Elfsteden route: The Elfsteden route is a legendary ice skating route that leads along the eleven Frisian cities. It offers a unique opportunity to explore the culture and history of the region. From historic buildings and charming canals to cozy cafes and restaurants, there is a lot to discover. Immerse yourself in the Frisian culture and enjoy the romantic atmosphere along the route together with your high class escort Friesland.
  3. The historic inland city of Leeuwarden is a fascinating destination rich in history and culture. With its well-preserved buildings, narrow streets and charming squares, the city offers a nostalgic charm that invites you to explore. A stroll along the canals and through the charming streets allows you and your Dutch escort girl to immerse yourself in the city's rich history while enjoying the lively hustle and bustle of modern culture.

Discreet and exciting - your high class escort Friesland date

Our excellent high class escort Friesland agency stands for discretion and seriousness to the highest degree. We understand that confidentiality is of utmost importance to our customers and we attach great importance to maintaining their privacy.

Our Graces are Escort Friesland Models with passion. The Dutch escort girls will sweeten your time not only in Friesland, but also during your time Escort Amsterdam dates or as sexy companion in Enschede. Our graces will help you choose the perfect choice of leisure activities for your stay. We only work with high class escorts who are not only extremely attractive, but also have excellent communication skills and a high level of integrity.

You love erotic adventures and the thrill of exciting dates. Discretion and trust are the top priority for our Friesland escorts. They are aware of the relevance of their role and offer discreet and confidential escort services.

Our agency is characterized by transparency and reliability. Whether it is arranging meetings, choosing a location or other specific requirements, we ensure that your wishes are carefully considered.

You can rely on our excellent high class escort Friesland models to respect your privacy and at the same time give you an erotic experience in a class of its own. Check them out Pictures of the high class escorts models and start dreaming.

Erotic nights with the Friesland escort - the best hotels in the region

Sandton Paal 8 Hotel aan Zee (Badweg West 7, 8899 BZ Terschelling, Friesland, Netherlands)

The Sandton Paal 8 Hotel aan Zee is located on the west coast of Friesland near the town of Terschelling. The hotel impresses with its modern architecture and its unique location right on the beach. The building itself is elegantly designed and offers breathtaking views of the sea. The atmosphere in the hotel is relaxed and luxurious, perfect for a romantic weekend trip with your escort Friesland girl.

The hotel has its own restaurant where you can enjoy culinary delights. There is also a wellness area with a sauna, steam bath and pool where you can be pampered together with your Escort Friesland.
Sandton Paal 8 Hotel aan Zee also offers other amenities such as a gym, bicycle rental and various leisure activities. It also offers various leisure activities such as yoga classes or guided hikes along the coast.

Landgoed Lauswolt (Van Harinxmaweg 10, 9244 CJ Beetsterzwaag, Netherlands)

The Landgoed Lauswolt is a luxurious 5-star hotel housed in a historic mansion near Beetsterzwaag in Friesland. The hotel building exudes elegance and charm and is surrounded by beautiful parkland. The atmosphere at Landgoed Lauswolt is exquisite and exclusive. The hotel offers you and your high class escort Friesland a renowned restaurant where gourmet dishes are served. It also has a stylish bar where you can enjoy exquisite cocktails.

Exclusive amenities include an 18-hole golf course, tennis courts, gym and bicycle rentals.
A wellness area with pool, sauna and massage treatments is also available to you and your Dutch escort girl. Here you can experience the charm of each other with all your senses…

Parkhotel Tjaarda (Koningin Julianaweg 98, 8453 WH Oranjewoud, Netherlands)

The Park Hotel Tjaarda is located in Oranjewoud, a charming village near Heerenveen. The hotel building is surrounded by idyllic parkland. The ambience at Parkhotel Tjaarda is relaxed and luxurious. Enjoy a first-class restaurant with delicious dishes with your escort Friesland girl. A wellness area with sauna, pool and massage options guarantees you and your Dutch escort girl a relaxing and exciting time.

Other hotel amenities include bicycle rentals, tennis courts and beautiful walking trails in the area. The Parkhotel Tjaarda is the right choice if you want to spend an exciting but intimate time with your sexy escort Friesland girl.

Enjoy with all your senses - the best restaurants for your escort Friesland date

't Havenmantsje (Havenplein 1, 8861 XA Harlingen Netherlands)


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The Restaurant 't Havenmantsje in Harlingen is a true jewel of fine cuisine in Friesland. Under the direction of the renowned chef Marco Poldervaart, the restaurant Hinnen and your Escort Friesland offers innovative cuisine based on fresh, regional products.

The atmosphere is elegant and inviting, perfect for a romantic evening with your companion. 't Havenmantsje has been honored with a variety of awards, including a coveted Michelin star. The house specialty is “Friesian Dry Aged Beef”, an exquisitely matured beef from the region.

Enjoy the subtle flavors and masterful presentation of dishes at this award-winning restaurant.
A little tip: Make a reservation early in the beautiful winter garden and enjoy the evening atmosphere with your Escort Friesland.

Élevé (Heliconweg 52, 8914 AT Leeuwarden, Netherlands)

The Élevé is an outstanding restaurant on the 11th floor of the WTC Hotel Leeuwarden and offers spectacular panoramic views of the city. Under the direction of chef Gilbert van der Heide, the restaurant pampers you and your Friesland escort with modern European cuisine and international influences.

The atmosphere at Élevé is elegant and stylish. It helps to take your stimulating encounter to a new level. The restaurant has received a number of prestigious awards, including a Michelin star. Our recommendation for you and your Dutch escort girl is the “Élevé Experience”. It is a multi-course tasting menu where you will experience a fascinating explosion of flavors. Experience culinary sophistication and first-class hospitality in this exceptional restaurant.

A little tip: despite the personal service, you and your Friesland escort can enjoy intimacy here and exchange your first sensual touches.


Oostergoo (Nieuwe Kade 1 9001 AE, 9001 AE Grouw)

In the picturesque town of Grou, the Oostergoo restaurant awaits you and your escort Friesland girl with a mix of traditional and modern cuisine.

The warm and inviting atmosphere of the restaurant serves as an ice breaker on the first Escort Friesland date.
The talented chef Sido de Brabander conjures up exquisite fish dishes prepared with fresh, local ingredients.
The Oostergoo is known for its excellent quality, warm service and good value for money.

A little tip: Be sure to try the “Oostergoo bouillabaisse”. It is a delicate fish soup with a variety of seafood and exquisite spices. Enjoy a delicious meal with your Escort Friesland and relax in this inviting environment.


Bars & Clubs - 3 insider tips for an exciting night with your Friesland escort

Mango Lounge Leeuwarden (Ruiterskwartier 107, 8911 BS Leeuwarden, Netherlands)

the Mango Lounge in Leeuwarden is a trendy bar known for its exotic drinks and lively atmosphere.
The bar offers you and your Escort Friesland a diverse selection of cocktails, from classic creations to unique own creations. You can also enjoy a good bottle of champagne or white wine here.

The style of music varies depending on the day and event, from relaxed lounge beats to energetic music for a dance party. Particularly noteworthy at this point is the great sound system, which ensures a clear and rousing sound. It especially scores points during dance parties. Mango Lounge Leeuwarden also regularly hosts live DJ performances and themed nights, adding to the excitement. We recommend that you and your Escort Friesland visit the website with the current events beforehand.

The chic furnishings and a cozy outdoor terrace create an ambience in which you and your escort Friesland will feel comfortable. Start a cheerful evening carefree and free and let your fantasies run wild. Your Friesland escort is looking forward to an erotic experience full of adventure and thrills…

Beach Pavilion Heartbreak Hotel (Badweg Oosterend 71, 8897 HD, Oosterend Terschelling)

The Beach Pavilion Heartbreak Hotel is a beach bar in Oosterend Terschelling and offers a relaxed and casual atmosphere. Here you and your Escort Friesland can dip your toes in the sand, wearing scantily dressed clothes, enjoy a refreshing drink and enjoy the view of the sea.

The bar offers a selection of refreshing cocktails, beers and wines. The style of music varies, from relaxed beach music to live bands or DJ performances that set the mood. A special highlight is the occasional live music, where local bands perform and ensure a good atmosphere.

Little tip: Enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and the spectacular view of the beach and sea. Start the afternoon lightly dressed and full of intimate moments in the dunes 😉 But don't forget, as soon as the sun disappears over the horizon, it can get cold...Alternatively, you can also dance to warm up with your sexy companion...

Website: https://www.heartbreakhotel.nl/

Skybar Leeuwarden (Heliconweg 52, 8914 AT Leeuwarden, Netherlands)

Skybar Leeuwarden is located on the roof of the WTC Hotel Leeuwarden and offers breathtaking views over the city. This stylish bar is known for its drinks and elegant atmosphere. Order a glass of champagne for your Friesland escort or enjoy refreshing cocktails and premium spirits.

The style of music varies depending on the event, from relaxed lounge music to trendy beats for a lively party. The Skybar has an impressive sound system that ensures an immersive sound experience.

Enjoy the spectacular view and sunset with your Escort Friesland. The Skybar is the ideal starting point for an unforgettable evening.

Exclusive and trendy - shopping experience with your high class escort Friesland

Boutique street "Schrans" in Leeuwarden:

The Schrans is a prestigious street in Leeuwarden known for its exclusive boutiques and shops. It is perfect for a luxurious shopping experience with your Friesland escort.

Here you will find a selection of high-quality fashion brands, jewelry shops and designer boutiques. For example, visit "Bouvy", an exclusive boutique with a wide selection of international designer brands, or "De Garage", a trendy boutique with unique fashion accessories and jewelry.

The Schrans is also known for its charming cafés and restaurants where you and your Escort Friesland can relax after shopping.

Outdoor Mozaïek Gallery: (Ljouwerterdyk 7, 9172 PD Netherlands)

Outdoor Mozaïek Gallery, which combines art and design. Here you will find a selection of high-quality works of art and sculptures. The atmosphere is particularly inspiring because most of the gallery is outdoors.

Particular highlights are the works of the renowned Dutch artist Liesbeth Sijtsma. The gallery also regularly presents exhibitions by other contemporary artists. Enjoy the quiet and exclusive atmosphere as you stroll through the gallery garden with your Escort Friesland.

Our city guide for your escort Friesland date

That was our city guide for your escort Friesland date. Friesland, with its idyllic landscape, picturesque coastal towns and a vibrant cultural scene, offers a perfect backdrop for an exciting and romantic trip with your Friesland escort. From stunning beaches to historic cities, there are endless opportunities to experience new adventures and enjoy intimate moments together.

Friesland is not only known for its natural beauty, but also for its diverse leisure activities. From boat tours along the canals to bike rides through the green landscape, there are many opportunities to be active with your Dutch escort girl and share unforgettable experiences. Speaking of unforgettable experiences, do you have any exciting fantasies? For example one Squrting escort girl? Or do you have a special one Fetish fantasythat you want to make a reality?

Don't hesitate, let yourself be inspired by the photos of the sexy graces and book your next erotic adventure.

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