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Grazia Agency I International High Class Escort Service
Grazia Agency I International High Class Escort Service

High Class Fetish Escort - the somewhat different escort service

Sep 2022

Escort service is a service that most people are familiar with and that nowadays also comes with recognition and seriousness. Many men (and women) like to use this service regularly or can at least imagine paying for an escort once.

Escort service is a professional and high-quality service provided by experienced, educated and socially competent ladies who simultaneously offer entertainment and companionship and fulfill mental and physical desires. The fetish escort service is also included.

But what about the fetish sector? There is often a prejudice or fear that if you have more specific wishes and needs you can only turn to dingy establishments. But if you want to use the high-quality and reputable service of an escort agency, you have to stay within the so-called “normal” range of sexual desires, right?

Luckily that's not true, because they actually exist, the fetish escorts who specialize in unusual and adventurous customers. They start where many escort ladies lack experience and their own preferences end. In order to be experienced authentically, there must be a passion for something special on both sides!

Just a preference or already a fetish?

You may be wondering whether your personal desires and needs even fall into the "fetish" category. That's not so easy to determine, because the borders are fluid and almost limitless fetishes and preferences exist.

Some people just find it stimulating every now and then to be massaged with the well-groomed feet of a beautiful woman; for others, such feet are the only stimulating thing about the whole woman. One thing is clear: with a fetish escort these fantasies can become reality.

One just wants to try out what submission feels like because he imagines it tingling and wants to do something new. The other can only experience true satisfaction as a slave. And there are many gradations between these two.

So it's best not to waste time defining your desires, just try everything that feels hot and exciting. Are you still not sure what could get you going because you may have never dared to fantasize in bed beyond the standard program? Then simply start exploring your preferences in everyday life.

This can be a great love for exquisite food or fun slipping into other roles. It can be enthusiasm for special materials or items of clothing, but also for a part of the body. Just explore your preferences and imagine incorporating them into your sex life. There are no limits to your imagination for your fetish escort date!

How to live out a fetish

Have you figured out (or always known) what really turns you on? Then it should now be a matter of how you can try it out and live it out to the fullest. If you want, then approach it slowly; after all, it doesn't have to be the full program from 0 to 100.

As an example, let's just take the previously unexplored tendency to submit to a dominant woman during sex. You've dreamed of it, perhaps already made one or two attempts in your private life, but never got what you imagined.

Certainly many photos and videos from the BDSM-Area you as a template and suggestion. But now at some point you want to play along yourself and not just watch. It is best to first test with an experienced fetish escort service how it feels to be with a dominant lady - according to the motto: "everything is possible, nothing has to". You can slowly be introduced to the world of your fantasies and find out how far you want to go.

Or another example: If you are interested in bondage, you don't have to get tied up completely the first time you meet, but how about starting with handcuffs first, adding ankle cuffs later and delving deeper and deeper into your fetish?

High class fetish escort: Treat yourself

Fantasies are meant to be lived out as long as they don't harm anyone else. However, it may well be that you often reach the limits of your sexual partners with your personal fantasies. You've probably experienced a lot, from raised eyebrows to ladies storming out without a word.

Every man with fetish preferences has these experiences in his private sex life. Then it is very relieving and liberating to have one professional lady who knows exactly what you want and is not shocked by it. On the contrary, those who work as fetish escorts also enjoy special practices and bring their own passion and creativity.

A high class fetish escort was selected very consciously and with an experienced eye. The lady often states on her profile, but at the latest when asked, which fetish areas are her expertise. With her you can then rely on getting your money's worth and treating yourself to a truly enjoyable experience on the date.

Instead of investing in a wellness weekend or a short vacation, as is often the case, why not simply invest in your own sexual dreams and needs?

The limits in fetish escort

With all the joy and enthusiasm for the adventure and testing one's own passions, this service should and must know its limits and comply with them. Not least to protect their own ladies, but also the customers.

In a reputable agency, for example, it goes without saying that the escort lady is only sent to a safe place and their arrival and well-being is also checked. Anyone reading this may get the impression of distrust, but after all it is a business between (mostly) strangers and must therefore be conducted in a professional setting.

It is also important that the same rules apply to all ladies and customers, which is why the framework conditions are maintained even at regular meetings.

Especially in the area of fetish escort services, boundaries and maintaining them are particularly important, because this involves services that many people would consider to be crossing boundaries. Clear communication before “the game starts” is an absolute must in order to make the other party familiar with their wishes and not be disappointed.

It is also recommended to set safe words so that your own boundaries are not inadvertently ignored. So nothing stands in the way of unrestricted fun in the fetish escort area.

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