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Grazia Agency I International High Class Escort Service

Squirting - erotic ecstasy with your high class escort girl

May 2023

Squirting: What is it actually?

Squirting, also known as female ejaculation, is a phenomenon in which some High class escort girls secrete a clear or slightly milky fluid from their urethra during sexual arousal or orgasm. This fluid is called squirting or ejaculatory fluid and consists primarily of water, urea, creatinine and prostate-specific antigen (PSA). The amount of fluid secreted varies from escort girl to escort girl and can range from a few drops to a larger amount.

Origin and meaning of squirting

The term "squirting" comes from the English word "squirt", which means "to spurt" or "to spurt out". Escort girls have been known to squirt during sex when their G-spot or G-zone is stimulated, which is usually accompanied by a particularly intense feeling of pleasure.

The strong arousal not only activates the escort girl's well-known erogenous zones, but also the so-called Skene glands.

A common theory is that the fluid comes from the paraurethral glands, or Skene's glands. This liquid then has to escape somehow. Often squirting occurs during orgasm, with the fluid escaping through the urethra. Theoretically (and sometimes practically) squirting and climax can also occur at different times for escort girls.

Some scientists suggest that squirting serves a function of cleaning the urethra, while others believe that it is simply a natural side effect of sexual arousal and orgasm in escort girls.

Squirting with the high class escort

Some high class escorts offer the exclusive squirting service for discerning gentlemen. Here both place great value on discretion, professionalism and first-class experiences. Some of the Grazia and Grazia International High Class Escorts also love squirting and offer this erotic variant. As a highly reputable escort service agency, you can rely on us % and book your escort date with great anticipation.

When booking such an escort, squirting can be the main focus as a special experience. Please let us know your preferences and wishes when making your booking request.

While some escort girls possess this ability naturally, others have learned how to control squirting to give their gentleman a unique and unforgettable experience. The fact is, however, that the desire and desire for erotic adventures must be present. This is the only way an escort girl can feel the pleasure she needs to bring her body to such ecstasy. Our graces love erotic adventure and sexual thrills. Many of them are therefore predestined for the beloved squirting.

Prerequisites and frequency of squirting

Not all women can squirt, and even among women who do have this ability, it doesn't always occur. The ability to squirt can depend on various factors such as: B. sexual arousal, relaxation, stimulation of certain erogenous zones and personal anatomy. In addition, squirting is more common in women who have experienced multiple orgasms or those who know their sexual responsiveness well.

What's so special about squirting with an escort girl?

Squirting with an escort girl can be particularly exciting for various reasons. On the one hand, it offers an exclusive, intimate and erotic experience based on the gentleman's individual desires and preferences. In addition, escort girls are usually curious and open about various sexual techniques and practices. That's why the escort girls can help you as a gentleman to achieve squirting in a targeted manner or even learn it yourself, to put an escort girl into such ecstasy that squirting occurs... The main thing a high class escort looks at is that you, above all, have the erotic Enjoy this option and get your money's worth.

Is squirting with a high class escort really that exciting? And if so, why?

Squirting with an escort girl can indeed be very exciting. The reasons for this are diverse. On the one hand, squirting itself can be seen as a sign of intense sexual excitement and satisfaction, which can be extremely fulfilling for both you and your escort girl. On the other hand, the fact that an escort girl can control and use this ability can make the experience even more exciting. The sexual competence and curiosity of our sexy escort girls can take you on an erotic journey of discovery and explore new heights of your desire.

Learning to Squirt: A Guide for Him and Her

Learning to squirt can be an interesting and rewarding experience for both partners. Here are some tips to learn how to squirt:

  1. Relaxation and trust: A relaxed atmosphere and mutual trust are essential prerequisites for squirting. It is important for both the escort girl trying to squirt and you as a gentleman to feel comfortable and safe. We recommend that you have a drink together at the lobby bar. Get to know your sexy squirting escort in peace and share your first dirty fantasies with your escort girl.
  2. Communication: Open communication about desires, preferences and boundaries can help make the experience enjoyable and exciting. Share your erotic thoughts with your escort girl. What type of stimulation can make your escort girl squirt?
  3. G-spot stimulation: The G-spot, an erogenous zone in the vagina, is often the key to squirting. Targeted G-spot stimulation using fingers, sex toys or the penis can make squirting easier. Your high class escort can certainly help here 😉
  4. Patience and practice: Squirting isn't always easy to achieve, and it can take time and practice to find the optimal stimulation and technique. It is important to be patient and view the process as a pleasurable and erotic journey of discovery. Sometimes it can even make sense to see a high class escort girl several times before the squirting climax occurs.

3 advantages of squirting with a high class escort girl from Grazia Escort Service:

  1. Competence, curiosity and open-mindedness: Our graces are all sexually open-minded escort girls. They love the various sexual practices including squirting. They know which techniques and stimulations are most effective to bring yourself to ecstasy and make squirting easier. You also know exactly what you have to do so that you, as a gentleman, can enjoy the adventure and reach ecstasy yourself.
  2. Discretion and professionalism: Our high class escort girls and we as an escort service agency offer a high level of discretion and professionalism. This can be particularly important if squirting is a new or sensitive topic for the gentleman. In contrast, encounters with other people may not offer the same discretion and professionalism, which may lead to uncertainty or discomfort. We are used to associating with gentlemen who enjoy a high social status and are of public interest. Accordingly, discretion is the be-all and end-all for us.
  3. Easy communication and openness: Because escort girls specialize in meeting your wants and needs, communication about sexual preferences, boundaries and desires is usually easier and more open. This can allow you to clearly express your squirting desires and be confident that the escort girl will respect and fulfill those desires.

Although squirting is not possible for all escort girls, experiencing or learning about this phenomenon can be an exciting and fulfilling experience that offers a special appeal for both the gentleman and the escort girl. Please contact us and we will see, based on your preferences, which grace is your perfect match for a squirting adventure.


In short, squirting means this: It is a phenomenon that occurs in some women during sexual climax. A fluid is expelled from the so-called Skene's gland, which is located near the urethra. This can accompany a feeling of intense sexual satisfaction and is often described as a particularly arousing experience.

If you would like to learn more about this topic in practice, an exciting escort date could be a way to explore it in a safe and discreet setting. However, if you would rather gain more theoretical knowledge about it, the following resources might be helpful: The article "Female Ejaculation: What Is It, Is It Real, and Are There Any Benefits?" on the Medical News Today website provides a good overview of the topic. You can find it here: https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/323953

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