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Grazia Agency I International High Class Escort Service

Money Mistress & Money Slave – This is how the game with financial dominance works

July 2022

Behind the term money slavery hides a fairly new fetish, which, however, is becoming increasingly popular. The sexual satisfaction arises from payments made by the money slave to his money mistress. So it's all about female dominance, but in a different way. We would like to introduce you to this exciting and hot game in more detail, maybe you will want more.

What exactly happens in money slavery?

There are women today who work full-time as money mistresses, others pursue this passion on the side. It's not an official profession, but it's a good way to make money. The money comes from the so-called money slaves, which are also referred to in the scene as pay pigs, pay pigs or money slaves. These people want to submit to a dominant opponent and pay her money for it.

This is nothing new in the field of fetish and escort. However, the slaves do not want anything in return. They are not beaten, locked up or verbally humiliated. They derive their sexual satisfaction from the act of giving. It is true that higher payments also lead to higher satisfaction. The more of one's own income is given to the money mistress, the better off the slaves feel. Most mistresses are unscrupulous about this and let their slaves know that they don't value them. They make it clear to him that he has to limit himself to the minimum subsistence level so that he can serve the mistress at all. It is currently not entirely clear whether this fetish, that too Findom is called, actually represents a sexual preference in the proper sense.

How do you become a money slave?

Some of ours escort ladies are familiar with the topic of money slavery and can help you to lighten your wallet a little. A fetish is most fun when the counterpart has mastered his role and can always increase the arousal. Other women will certainly be happy about a donation, but the satisfaction will be limited. Our dominant ladies know exactly how to turn this fetish into an unforgettable sexual experience.

What types of money slaves are there?

Basically, there are also some forms of this fetish and each one is exciting in its own way. A so-called real money slave meets his money mistress in real life and personally presents her with gifts and money. After that he is usually allowed to go straight away and work hard so that there is new money for the mistress. You can also go shopping with the money mistress. It should go without saying that you can pay for the purchases and carry the bags. Some women also look for an ATM that has to make money on command, or rather "may".

Of course, there are also money slaves on the Internet. This form of fetish is rather anonymous. Slaves send gifts to the mistress or transfer her a certain amount of money a month. In the scene there is also the controversial black mailing. The slaves send the mistress confidential information and are then blackmailed by her. Many money slaves believe that women should be the superior sex and want to serve them. They are happy to be discriminated against if they cannot meet their payment obligations.

Is there a reward?

Basically, all people are different and want to live out their fetish differently. You certainly have needs and want them to be met. For some slaves it is perfectly enough if they are allowed to pay their tribute. They get aroused when they are ignored afterwards and don't get anything in return because they don't think they deserve it. Other slaves, on the other hand, expect some form of return, such as a worn panty or a used toy.

It is important that the rules are clearly laid out before the session so that everything runs smoothly and both can go home with a smile on their face. Be honest with your dream lady and tell them openly how it should go. Our High class escort ladies understand how to fulfill your every wish and to arrange the hours perfectly.

Where does this fetish come from?

The money slavery fetish first hit the media in 2013 and has continued to spread ever since. The Internet makes it possible for this fetish to be lived out without real contact. In addition, mistresses and slaves can get to know each other anonymously. On top of that, the Internet allows participants to take on this role in an artificial world and behave differently in real life. There are a few reports on the subject in German-speaking countries, but they do not take a critical look at the subject.

Studies show that money slaves tend to have low self-confidence and are not particularly good at dealing with women. The first contact usually comes about by chance, but sometimes an addiction develops quickly, which can drive the slaves to financial ruin. Money mistresses are often not aware of their responsibility for the slaves and drive them to the extreme through targeted manipulation. The fetish is therefore not entirely harmless and it is important that slave and mistress set fixed limits beforehand and that these are always observed.

What needs to be considered?

We recommend that you get one for such an adventure professional lady at Grazia Agency to ask. There are a lot of black sheep out there in the industry. You will pay a lot of money for this, but there will be no real satisfaction. Our ladies know how to demonstrate their superiority and give you an unforgettable experience. Our ladies know exactly that the previously set limits must be observed, because you should not suffer any lasting financial damage. You should be able to let yourself go and enjoy it throughout the session.

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