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Grazia Agency I International High Class Escort Service
Grazia Agency I International High Class Escort Service

How to book a hotel escort date

February 2023

This will make your hotel escort date a very special experience in a class of its own

Are you planning a very special evening or are you just looking for a change from the tedium of everyday life? Then the accompaniment of a beautiful escort lady is just the right thing.

Whether attending a concert, a romantic candlelight dinner or a wild night of partying - our escort models will be happy to accompany you on any occasion.

Are you wondering how to book an escort date with a high-class agency?

After you have clicked through the many different sites on the Internet and you have finally found an escort agency that meets your aesthetic requirements, it is best to follow these steps and nothing will stand in the way of your escort date.

  1. Preparation for the request for an escort date:

    First of all, it is important to determine when your escort date should take place, where you would like to meet your escort companion and for how long you would like to meet the escort lady. If you don't have any precise ideas, please think about it in advance or ask the agency for recommendations. Please don't forget ours too High class escort models are pursuing a full-time job or studying and are not always available. So please don't plan too short term 😉

  2. How do I choose an escort lady?

    You have not yet been able to decide on an escort companion? No problem. Contact the escort agency and provide all the important details about yourself and your date. Please do not hesitate to be open and honest - this is the only way the agency can recommend a suitable lady to you, so that your date will be exactly the experience you want it to be.

  3. Where does the escort date take place?

    You have decided on a lady or followed the agency's recommendation and now you know when, where, how long and with whom you will meet - wonderful, the first steps have been taken. For new customer bookings, many of the agencies ask for a deposit, this is normal practice to confirm the seriousness of a booking request.

As a rule, the gentleman books the hotel room. You may be able to coordinate the accommodation with your business trip or appointments. Houses with at least five stars are usually recommended.

The escort lady does not necessarily expect a luxury suite. But of course it would be inappropriate to book a high-class escort and choose a room in the lower price segment. As a guide, you can look for rooms that are roughly the same as the escort fee per hour.

For reasons of discretion, some clients also let the agency book the hotel room. We have enough experience to find the perfect ambience for your erotic experience based on your wishes. If you would like this service, please let the agency know in advance.

On a business trip, the hotel can be predetermined. If colleagues or business partners are accommodated in the same hotel, it is advisable to switch to another hotel for the erotic meeting.

The organization of the right ambience for a hotel escort date seems complicated, especially for beginners. But it is by no means so strange and difficult to book a discreet space for erotic togetherness. An established hotel would never pass on information or even ask you about your affair. Hotel employees know very well that discretion is a valuable asset. You can make a booking with peace of mind. Even if the staff suspects something, you will be treated courteously and friendly like any other guest. And it's absolutely not uncommon to book a hotel room without staying in it.

  1. How do I prepare for my escort date?

    Your companion has been decided, then take a look at the lady's sedcard to get even more insight and information about you and your personality. What preferences does she have, does she have any particular preferences when it comes to the hotel or which cuisine does she particularly like, what can I please her with? You can usually find the answers to these questions in the profiles of women or ask the agency for more information. Perhaps you would like to surprise your escort companion with a little gift?

This is how a perfect evening with a lady from our agency usually begins. Or would you like to begin your erotic experience discreetly in your hotel room? When booking a hotel room for an erotic experience, many questions arise. Which hotel is best suited? Do you have to check in with the lady? Is it necessary for the escort lady to register as a hotel guest? Here you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about hotel booking for an escort experience.

Today my hotel escort date takes place

If you have booked the room in your name, you should be there some time before the agreed appointment. So you can check in in peace and get to know the room. The front desk staff will rarely have any questions. If you do, mention that you have booked a double room for single use and are expecting another guest. Alternatively, it would be possible to say that you check in earlier and your partner will be later. You don't have to inform anyone about the how and why. And don't worry, the receptionists of almost all hotels will be relaxed about it.

You can freshen up in your room. In addition, it is now time, if you have not already done so, to inform the escort agency of the room number. Otherwise the lady cannot find you.

It is important to note if there are keys or cards for access or the elevator. As a rule, your companion will not check in officially because she would like to remain anonymous. So you can't just leave the key card at the reception if you need it to use the elevator. Escort ladies work under their artist name. So there would be problems if she was asked for her ID to get the keycard.

The meeting: your hotel escort date

If the necessary key card becomes a problem, we recommend a meeting point in front of the hotel or in the lobby. There it will hardly be noticed that you are looking for your companion. Sitting in the lobby or at the bar waiting for an appointment is by no means unusual. If you are traveling with business partners, choose an out-of-town restaurant nearby. This reduces the risk of meeting a colleague in the lobby.

When booking, ask the escort agency to call you five to ten minutes before the lady arrives. This means you have less waiting time and can use the time for other things in the event of minor delays.

Then finally the lady of your dreams stands in front of you and greets you with a kiss. If you would like the greeting to be more discreet, make a note of this request when booking. The lady will then greet you with a charming smile.

Relaxed to the Hotel Escort

Meeting at the hotel is very common in the escort world. Don't worry about awkward situations. Our ladies are experienced in walking elegantly to reception and asking for the elevator. For every renowned hotel, discretion is the most important asset.

If you still have doubts or worries about which hotel is suitable for your adventure full of sensuality, we are happy to advise you during the booking process. Thanks to our many years of experience as a high-class escort agency, we know the best addresses. These houses shine with excellent facilities and discreet staff. If you have special requirements for privacy and discretion, we will be happy to advise and support you.

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