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Grazia Agency I International High Class Escort Service
Grazia Agency I International High Class Escort Service

How does an escort date actually work?

February 2022

Some gentlemen are already more experienced in booking an escort companion, for others it is a completely new experience, so we are of course very happy to advise and support you in your very special experience.

We would be happy to provide you with a few small tips and tricks in advance, to ensure your escort date will be a very special experience and that you will rave about it for a long time to come. Don't forget: you too are instrumental in creating an unforgettable and unique rendezvous!

What is the process of an escort date, what do I have to consider?

Planning the escort date: Preparation is the be-all and end-all

You've gone through the various Profiles of the high class escort models , read or followed our personal advice and have now decided on your chosen one. Then you are welcome to find out more about the preferences and interests of your escort companion. Which restaurant does she prefer? What interests does she pursue? What are her fantasies?

As with every woman, the appreciation shown to our escort models is essential in order to spend a unique and unforgettable evening together. Would you like to impress your escort model with something extra?

Simply surprise the accompanying lady on your escort date with your favorite perfume, a bouquet of flowers, your favorite lingerie or your favorite fashion brand. Believe us, she will be grateful and enjoy her time with you even more 😉

An escort date with Jill is fun

An escort date with Jill is fun

The first impression counts. The last one stays forever!

Just like our Grazia escort models, you as a gentleman also want to leave a positive, lasting impression. That's why our high-class escort ladies really appreciate it when you appear as elegant, well-groomed and tidy inside and out as you expect from her. Of course, a pleasant scent shouldn't be missing - after all, you should be able to smell yourself. This is how an escort date can begin!

In order to arrive at the meeting point as agreed, your chosen escort model will leave freshly styled and on time. Do the same! Because “the best proof of good upbringing is punctuality.” (Gotthold Ephraim Lessing).

Of course, despite forward planning, something unexpected can always happen, causing you or your escort companion to be late. In any case, communication with us is essential in order to arrange an individual solution and let your date know.

The first encounter on an escort date – when your eyes finally meet...

You feel your heart beating faster and your pulse slowly rising - in just a few minutes the time has finally come. Your escort date starts and you will see your chosen escort model. Choose a suitable meeting point for your first meeting: the lobby of the hotel, the entrance to the restaurant, the counter at the bar or even the hotel room. A cheerful and warm welcome sets the stage for a breathtaking and unforgettable evening…

The charisma – treat others as you would wish to be treated

In order to get closer to your magical escort companion, choose a suitable and pleasant place to get to know each other. A restaurant with a nice atmosphere or a bar is the perfect place to start your escort date and the first conversation. Get to know each other, exchange ideas and laugh together over a cozy dinner or a good glass of wine.

The first impression, personal communication and the same wavelength form the basis for a successful evening full of fun and eroticism.

High Class Escort Date - Behavior is in!

You are a gentleman - show it to your companion too! At Grazia Escort we love and live the role of women, because being a lady is a pleasure, our charms are a pleasure, seduction is our weapon...

A gentleman knows what he wants and enjoys impressing a lady. Be courteous, polite and charming; Your companion will appreciate it and your escort date will be a roller coaster ride of emotions and senses.

A gentleman through and through!

Look at your escort date as a completely natural date with a beautiful young and erotic woman, a woman who fully engages with your needs and fulfills your wishes, a woman you only knew from your dreams. The more appreciative you are towards the lady, the more you get back from her.

Don't forget, the focus of an escort date is on a nice and unforgettable time, that's how the ladies see it too. The escort ladies of this agency carry out this activity with fun and passion - none of the ladies are dependent on it. Therefore, despite the commercial arrangement, you should behave accordingly.

Seduce and be seduced...an escort date stays in your memory

It's entirely up to you and your companion: seduce or allow yourself to be seduced, share your preferences, try new things and give yourself completely to the moment. Do you like it if your sexy accompaniment to the dominatrix becomes? Or do you prefer a pure and passionate girlfriend eroticism?

Farewell on the escort date: look forward to the next encounter...

Did you have an unforgettable time that you will remember for a long time? The girls and we as an agency look forward to your feedback, suggestions or other feedback about your escort date. This is the only way we can optimize ourselves and make your escort dates even more individual, exciting and exciting.

Goodbye is fun

Are you already looking forward to your next escort encounter or would you like to spend a longer weekend with your escort lady? We would be happy to advise you on this and plan your reunion together.

Can I also meet a Grazia escort model privately?

No! Please understand that your anonymity is just as important to our high class escort models as it is to you. Therefore, please adhere to etiquette and do not put your escort in an unpleasant situation by asking her inappropriate and personal questions.

If a lady does not want to comment on a certain topic on your escort date, please respect this, she will do the same!

How do I transfer the fee to the escort lady?

It is very important to your escort companion and you that the payment of the agreed fees is done as discreetly as possible. We therefore ask you to hand the agreed cash amount to the escort lady in an unsealed envelope at the beginning of the escort date.

Please don't let your companion find herself in the awkward situation of having to ask for it! After all, you both want to start your rendezvous carefree and have a good time together.

Alternatively, you can also transfer the agreed amount to our business account in advance.

If you have a longer Booking want to make in advance or a Escort travel companion If you wish, we ask for an advance payment of at least 40% plus travel costs. You can do this quickly and discreetly by bank transfer; we ask that you transact early.

We can only give you a binding guarantee for your booking once we have received the agreed fee. This way you can then concentrate completely on your escort date.

May I express clothing preferences for the escort lady?

You can, of course, let us know what you would like in terms of your preferred wardrobe or style of clothing. In order to be dressed appropriately for the occasion, we ask that you allow us to help you plan the evening of your escort date, so that your chosen companion can meet your expectations.

Do you have unusual wishes? We will be happy to receive these and forward them on; Our high class escort models are happy to implement this for you within the scope of their possibilities.

Since we at Grazia Agency prefer an elegant, fashionable clothing style combined with a discreet appearance, certain wardrobe wishes can only be implemented behind closed doors and in discreet togetherness.

Of course, you can also buy the desired wardrobe for your Grazia escort yourself and bring it with you to the escort date as a little surprise. With this brand For example, you can get inspiration. We would be happy to advise you on the dress size, shoe size or preferred fashion brands of the escort models. However, you can also find general information in the profiles of the escort ladies.

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