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Grazia Agency I International High Class Escort Service
Grazia Agency I International High Class Escort Service
Leonie Grazia Agency I International High Class Escort Service Clara Grazia Agency I International High Class Escort Service
"Live with no excuses and travel with no regrets"

Escort model LEONIE

  • Age Mid 20ies
  • Cost tier President
  • Availability Frankfurt area (in case of early request also internationally)
  • Of course through and through
  • Classically beautiful, classy and sex
  • Clear mind, lovely figure and humorous nature
  • lustful erotic, lascivious elegant & lovable coquettish
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Body & Shape

Age Mid 20

Height 179 cm

Measurements 88/64/98

StatureI'm slim, with long legs and an athletic build.

Bust 75 B (natural)

Dress size 34/36

Shoe size 40

Eye color brown green

Hair color dark blonde

Status Exclusive

Head & mind

Residence Frankfurt

Travel availability International

Nationality German

Education & CareerThat will remain a secret until our date

Languages German (mother tongue), English (fluent), Spanish (basic knowledge)

Life & Love

Smoking I don't smoke, but if you smoke, that's okay with me

Tattoos & piercingsNo, I have no tattoos or piercings

Clothing - I like to dress elegantly and fashionably, for example in a nice summer dress. But I can also be sexy in jeans and a blouse.

Favorite place to travelI love to travel, preferably to Dubai, the USA or Asia
Menage a trois - Yes, with all Grazia escorts

Me & More

Cuisine I enjoy Italian, Japanese and Asian cuisine

Beverages I prefer to drink gin and tonic, champagne rosé and a Lille Berry on hot summer days

Scent "Vanille Fatale" by Tom Ford

Flower With roses, in all colors, you make me happy

Gift ideas

COVID vaccination - fully vaccinated 

Graze over LEONIE 

Escort Rates
Travel expenses

Sexy dates*

  • Short but intense
    Up to 2 hours (private time)
  • Little erotic break
    Up to 3 hours (Private Time)
  • Sexy & seductive
    Up to 4 hours (private time)
  • Each additional hour of private time
  • *
    The minimum booking outside the escort lady’s hometown is 4-6 hours.
  • *
    The term sexy dates defines dates that take place exclusively in the hotel room, but a short introductory drink is obligatory.
  • *
    If we accompany a couple, we add 30% to the listed fee

dinner dates**

  • Sensual rendezvous
    Up to 4 hours (including at least two hours of events or dinner accompaniment)
  • Dinner, drinks and erotic fireworks
    Up to 6 hours (including at least two hours of events or dinner accompaniment)
  • Sweet, sexy & sensual
    Up to 8 hours (including at least three hours of events or dinner accompaniment)
  • **
    The minimum booking outside the escort lady’s hometown is 4-6 hours.
  • **
    The minimum booking for dates within Europe is at least 12 hours
  • **
    The minimum booking for dates worldwide is at least 24 hours

Overnight Dates & Travel***

  • Sweet Dreams a la Grazia
    A short overnight date of 12 hours (from 8:00 p.m. or later)
  • A tempting night and croissants in the morning
    A long overnight date of 16 hours (from 6 p.m. or later)
  • A never ending love story
    A long overnight date of 18-20 hours (from 3 p.m. or later)
  • Une Belle Journee
    1 day - (up to 24 hours)
  • An erotic short trip
    2 days - (up to 48 hours)
  • Travel companion - (from 48 hours)
    Each additional night
  • ***
    An overnight date that starts before 8 p.m. is considered a long overnight.
  • ***
    Any long overnight should include dinner and breakfast.
  • Berlin 250
  • Dusseldorf 150
  • Hamburg 250
  • Munich 200
  • Frankfurt 50
  • Stuttgart 200
  • Cologne 146
  • Europe Flight tickets + 150
  • International Flight tickets + 200

JULY 2022 - Frankfurt am Main

"Dear Grace,

What can I say... the date with Leonie was just perfect again. I would love to listen to her for hours and watch her move. Her manner and everything about her is so graceful, eloquent, caring - just high class! "

JUNE 2022 - Frankfurt am Main - 3 hours

Dear Grace,
I wanted to say thank you for the wonderful date with Leonie.

Leonie caught my eye even before her pictures were visible on your website and when you sent me two teaser photos, I was immediately hooked. Leonie looks a lot better in reality than in the photos, a beautiful woman, very sensitive and with a lot of esprit. I think we got along very well on ALL levels and I fear the 'after-date blues' will be heavy. I'll definitely get in touch the next time I'm in Frankfurt!

Many thanks to you for the very nice and competent organization!
Warm greetings,


Leonie Grazia Agency I International High Class Escort Service

information about LEONIE

My erotic preferences

My personal interview

What appeals to you about being an escort?
I love life and that's how I live it - passionately. I enjoy the moment, the here and now. I like that certain thrill at the beginning of every date and am always happy to meet very new and interesting people.

Which erotic fantasies and preferences do you have?
I have a submissive and a dominant side, both of which excite me greatly. Sometimes I like to submit to you, to give up control and only feel your lust. And in turn, I enjoy leading you, living out my preferences excessively and simply letting go with you. In both cases we will certainly get our money's worth ;)

Which piece of literature moved and inspired you?
I am addicted to the works of Khaled Hosseini, especially a thousand splendid suns. I really like his writing style, I read the books only in English and every time I feel like I can watch the story.
What are your goals and dreams?
I would like to travel all over the world, discover different cultures and learn a few languages. I'm already on the right way there ;)

What is your favorite restaurant / bar ?
I love Japanese cuisine.
But I would never say no to pasta!  
Do you rather follow your head or heart?
I am definitely a mental person when it comes to my studies, job and career. But when it comes to interpersonal relationships, I definitely listen to my (gut) feelings.
Do you prefer a relaxing beach holiday or an active city trip?
Both. I am a sun worshiper in the truest sense. It's hard to get me out of the sea or out of the sun. But since I am very interested in other cultures, a sightseeing tour is always a must. I like to go to museums, cute cafes and ride the gondola or tram through the city with you.
What are you passionate about?
Cooking and of course eating. I'm a real gourmet and I try out every ingredient, no matter how exotic. I like doing sports, swimming and snorkeling on vacation.
Do you prefer books or do you prefer watching movies? Which are your favorites that have left a lasting impression?
I like cozy movies evenings in company. I prefer to read alone or listen to podcasts.  
What qualities about yourself do you often receive compliments on?
for my patience I often hear that I have a pleasant calm aura.  
Are you more of a tomboy or a princess? And why?
Probably both. But more like a princess. I enjoy being coveted and spoiled.
What would you consider to be a perfect rendezvous with a gentleman?
A chic dinner with profound conversations, followed by a glass of wine and a little striptease in the room.
Or a nice weekend trip/excursion.  

Why did you choose the agency Grazia Escorts?
The agency has a very appealing and professional appearance, which exactly meets my requirements for a high-class agency. In addition, Grace is a sunshine, I immediately felt very comfortable with her.

Something about myself

I like

Humour, travel, gentlemen of the old school, dirty eroticism, seduction and being seduced, the heady feeling after a hot night, summer and sun, passion, ice cream, the feeling of sand under my feet, the sea, love and lust, travel travel travel, discover new places, get to know people and foreign cultures, experience a far away adventure, the mountains but also the desert,

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