Grazia Agency I International High Class Escort Service
Grazia Agency I International High Class Escort Service
Laura Grazia Agency I International High Class Escort Service Laura Grazia Agency I International High Class Escort Service Laura Grazia Agency I International High Class Escort Service
"The sum of our lives are the hours we made love." - Wilhelm Busch

Escort model LAURA

  • Age Late 20ies
  • Cost tier exquisite
  • Availability International
  • blonde beauty with a clever mind
  • Let yourself be enchanted by her....
  • Rhenish cheerful nature meets Californian beach babe
  • Eloquence and education as well as sex appeal and eroticism
  • Sexy, wild, natural, loving, funny = Laura
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Body & Shape

Age Late 20

Height 173 cm

Measurements 96/68/98

StatureI have a slim, athletic figure with long legs and feminine curves where they belong

Bust 75 C (silicone, very natural)

Dress size 36/38

Shoe size 39

Eye color honey colored

Hair color Blonde

Status Adventure

Head & mind

Residence Berlin

Travel availability International

Nationality German

Education & CareerMaster's student

Languages German (native) English (fluent)

Life & Love

Smoking I don't smoke, but if you smoke, that's okay with me

Tattoos & piercingsYes, I have small tattoos but you only see them naked

Clothing - I prefer to dress elegantly, sporty during the day and in the evening I like to wear a charming dress, but always one that suits the occasion.

Favorite place to travelLatin America and the USA
Menage a trois - Yes, with all Grazia escorts

Me & More

Cuisine I prefer to eat Italian and Japanese, but I also love going to seafood restaurants and steakhouses

Beverages I like to drink an espresso martini as an aperitif, and I also like a dry white wine or still water with dinner

Scent Bottega Veneta "Illusione"

Flower roses and lilies

Gift ideas

COVID vaccination - fully vaccinated 

Graze over LAURA 


Escort Rates
Travel expenses

Sexy dates*

  • Short but intense
    Up to 2 hours (private time)
  • Little erotic break
    Up to 3 hours (Private Time)
  • Sexy & seductive
    Up to 4 hours (private time)
  • Each additional hour of private time
  • *
    The minimum booking outside the escort lady’s hometown is 4-6 hours.
  • *
    The term sexy dates defines dates that take place exclusively in the hotel room, but a short introductory drink is obligatory.
  • *
    If we accompany a couple, we add 30% to the listed fee

dinner dates**

  • Sensual rendezvous
    Up to 4 hours (including at least 1-2 hours of events or dinner accompaniment)
  • Dinner, drinks and erotic fireworks
    Up to 6 hours (including at least two hours of events or dinner accompaniment)
  • Sweet, sexy & sensual
    Up to 8 hours (including at least three hours of events or dinner accompaniment)
  • **
    The minimum booking outside the escort lady’s hometown is 4-6 hours.
  • **
    The minimum booking for dates within Europe is at least 12 hours
  • **
    The minimum booking for dates worldwide is at least 24 hours

Overnight Dates & Travel***

  • Sweet Dreams a la Grazia
    A short overnight date of 12 hours (from 8:00 p.m. or later)
  • A tempting night and croissants in the morning
    A long overnight date of 16 hours (from 6 p.m. or later)
  • A never ending love story
    A long overnight date of 18-20 hours (from 3 p.m. or later)
  • Une Belle Journee
    1 day - (up to 24 hours)
  • An erotic short trip
    2 days - (up to 48 hours)
  • Travel companion - (from 48 hours)
    Each additional night
  • ***
    An overnight date that starts before 8 p.m. is considered a long overnight.
  • ***
    Any long overnight should include dinner and breakfast.

In the homeland

  • hometown
    no travel expenses
  • Arrival up to 150 km from home min. booking from 4 hours
    from approx. EUR 150 / within home country plus possible hotel accommodation
  • Arrival within a home country from 150 km from home min. booking from 6-12 hours
    from approx. EUR 200 depending on the ticket price for flight/train and the duration of the journey + plus possible hotel accommodation

Europe & International

  • Travel to Europe
    Minimum booking from 12 hours - 150.00 EUR + flight ticket
  • International arrival
    min. booking from 24 hours – 250.00 EUR + flight ticket

information about LAURA

My erotic preferences

My personal interview

What attracts you to the escort?
What appeals to me most is the exciting time, the adventure, living out my sexuality, the beautiful & special moments with a stranger with whom you feel connected and special so quickly, and the dates at a high level.

Which erotic fantasies and preferences do you have?
It's hard to say, I'm very open sexually. A lot of things emerge at that moment, preferences that you may not have known before but that you like to try out with a special person because they give you the feeling of being able to let go. These are the moments with the escort that I particularly love. I've found that I can be much more free and open about it, and I really enjoy that.

Which piece of literature moved and inspired you?
Viktor E. Frankl - Man's Search for Meaning. This book touched me deeply and made me think. These are the stories of a Holocaust survivor. Even in the darkest of times finding meaning in life is very admirable.

What are your goals and dreams?
My master's degree and moving to a new city. However, the most beautiful moments happen unexpectedly.

What is your favorite restaurant / bar ?
Wally's in Los Angeles has delicious cheese platters and plenty of wine and interesting spirits. Also, the store is always full of interesting people.

Do you rather follow your head or heart?
I can be rational, but trust my intention in the interpersonal area. If I have to make important or long-term decisions, I can also make rational decisions.

Do you prefer a relaxing beach holiday or an active city trip?
As well as. I do, however, love a picture-postcard deserted beach with a great man and a fresh coconut. :)

What are you passionate about?
Learning new sports or taking a cooking class. I also really enjoy artistic activities in the form of painting or pottery.

What experience changed your life?
My stays abroad and the focus in my master's have influenced my life a lot.

Do you prefer books or do you prefer watching movies? Which are your favorites that have left a lasting impression?
I like reading a lot because I develop a bigger imagination. The Talented Mr. Ripley is one of my favorite books, but the film adaptation is at least as good as the book.

What are you often complimented on?
I generally have a talent for making people laugh, and that in turn is one of my favorite traits. In addition, I often receive compliments for my cosmopolitan nature. On a physical level for my eyes, lips and feet ;-)

Are you more of a tomboy or a princess? And why?
Either way, it always depends on the situation and my environment.

What would you consider to be a perfect rendezvous with a gentleman?
With a man who cares about style and aesthetics just as much as I do. A nice walk, a good candlelit chat and a good bottle of wine. The evening will be perfect at the end with crackling eroticism.

Why did you choose the agency Grazia Escorts?
The agency is very serious and values good quality and security for all parties.

What is your philosophy?
Don't take life too seriously, you won't get out of it alive anyway.

What does sensuality mean to you?
A special feeling of togetherness and a lot of imagination. But the best happens unexpectedly...
I'll put it this way; et kutt like et kutt ;-)

Tell us an intimate secret about yourself...
I find gentle kisses on the neck and neck irresistible.

Something about myself

I am a passionate escort because it is a balance to my everyday life. I am very cosmopolitan and like to get to know new people outside of my usual environment. I like the intimate time, the game of seduction and the beautiful moments that you share with each other. It is also an exciting adventure where you can slip into a different role in order to be able to live it out so much more freely and openly. I prefer to pack my things spontaneously and spend an unforgettable time with an unforgettable person and have beautiful memories that I like to think back to often.

I like

I love romantic evenings, good food and deep conversations. The whole combined with the view of the sea or a beautiful sunset is absolute perfection. Even a good sports unit gives me a lot of energy and a good mood. I am an absolute fan of surprises and I also like to surprise my loved ones.

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