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Grazia Agency I International High Class Escort Service
Grazia Agency I International High Class Escort Service


from Barcelona
Celine Grazia Agency I International High Class Escort Service
  • Celine Grazia Agency I International High Class Escort Service

High Class Escort Model


"The art of living resides in appreciating the beauty of each shared moment"
  • Age Early 20ies
  • Rate Category exquisite
  • Travel worldwide (if requested in advance)
  • Temperament meets elegance - she knows her charms
  • From agent provocateur to surfing - you won't get bored with her
  • The girl next door with secret talents...
  • submissive love & sweet Lolita
  • Let yourself be enchanted by intelligence and sensuality

About Julieta


Hello dear stranger,

My name is Julieta, a young, passionate and creative student who enjoys life to the fullest. I really appreciate being surrounded by inspiring people with whom I can discover the beauties of life.

My passions include reading, art and sports such as yoga and surfing. For me, surfing means switching off my head and just letting myself go - similar to an exciting escort date, where every adventure is like a new wave that I ride with joy.

I love romantic gestures like flowers and enriching conversations. Getting to know fascinating people and collecting unique experiences gives me great joy. ;-)

My ideal evening begins with a visit to an art gallery, followed by an elegant dinner. A nighttime stroll and a drink in an intimate place make the evening perfect. I see every encounter as an opportunity to be inspired, to share and to enjoy life.

After giving a glimpse into my world, I am eager to learn more about you and your fantasies. Who are you, dear stranger?

With love, Julieta
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More about Julieta

Body & Shape

Age Early 20

Height 162 cm

Measurements 81/62/85

StatureI have a petite figure with delicate features. I am said to have a very natural, feminine charisma, which I know how to skilfully stage.

Bust 75A

Dress size 32/34

Shoe size 37

Eye color honey colored

Hair color dark blonde

Status Exclusive

Head & mind

Residence Barcelona

Travel availability I would love to travel around the world with you

Nationality I am a spanish woman

Education & CareerI am an engineering student

Languages My native languages are Spanish & Catalan (native) and I also speak English (fluent) and Italian.

Skis | Snowboard I am a beginner

Life & Love

Smoking I don't smoke, but it doesn't bother me if you smoke.

Tattoos & piercingsI have a belly button piercing, two small tattoos,

Clothing - I like to dress in a sporty, elegant way. In the evening I also like to wear a beautiful dress with subtle sexiness.

Favorite place to travelI love to travel in Europe, I would be happy to accompany you to Paris, Rome, Milan, Ibiza, or even Sicily
Menage a trois - Yes, with all Grazia escorts

Me & More

Cuisine I enjoy Japanese, Italian, French & Mediterranean cuisine

Beverages I prefer to drink a dry white wine, sometimes a glass of champagne (Ruinart) or of course still water

Scent I smell like "Miss Dior"

Flower I love peonies & roses

Gift ideas


Information about Julieta

My erotic preferences

My personal interview

What attracts you to the escort?

It allows me to meet fascinating people, have unique experiences and create real connections. I love never knowing what's waiting for me around the next corner. It's like surfing, every wave, every date is unique. That's what makes it so appealing to me.

What erotic fantasies and preferences do you have?

Sexual preferences and erotic preferences can vary from person to person, but open communication and mutual respect are fundamental. Exploring desires and fantasies together can strengthen intimacy and connection and can lead us to discover and experience new needs and feelings within ourselves. I want to surrender to every connection and be surprised by what it moves and evokes in us...

What are your goals and dreams in life?

My goal in life is to develop my personal and intellectual development through knowledge and fully enjoying the cultural wonders that the world has to offer. For me, that means traveling, getting to know cultures and people, but also reading and visiting museums.
I enjoy my studies and I definitely want to work in this field because I can contribute to improvements through innovation and technology. I'm looking forward to it.

What are you often complimented on?

For my authentic, likeable appearance and my empathetic and loving company...

Are you more of a tomboy or a princess? And why?

Clearly: Princess. I like being pampered in a gentle way. But when it comes to adventure, the robber's daughter in me comes out now and then.

What would you consider to be a perfect rendezvous with a gentleman?

That's why I imagine a perfect day with a gentleman like this: Breakfast in a cozy café, where we get to know each other better for the first time and touch each other discreetly... Then we stroll through the city together and let ourselves drift. We get closer and look forward to our private party...
We have lunch together in a charming place and enjoy the piano concert in the background.
We spend the afternoon full of adventures outdoors.
A romantic dinner and an intimate evening round off our time together....

Eroticism means to you?

For me, eroticism is the fusion of sensuality and intimate connection, the exploration of shared desires and fantasies on an equal footing and with passion.

Tell us an intimate secret about yourself...

I find reading passionate romance novels exciting.
I'd be happy to read you my favorite scene on our date...

I like

Go for a walk, visit museums and exhibitions, taste wines in a wine shop, sunbathe, read, watch films or have a drink in an elegant club or bar and of course surf if the waves allow it ;-)

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Grazia Agency I International High Class Escort Service
Travel Rates
Travel expenses

Sexy dates*

  • Short but intense
    Up to 2 hours (private time)
  • Little erotic break
    Up to 3 hours (private Time)
  • Sexy & seductive
    Up to 4 hours (private Time)
  • Each additional hour of private time
  • *
    The minimum booking outside the escort lady’s hometown is 4-6 hours.
  • *
    The term sexy dates defines dates that take place exclusively in the hotel room, but a short introductory drink is obligatory.
  • *
    If we accompany a couple, we add 30% to the listed fee

Dinner dates**

  • Sensual rendezvous
    Up to 4 hours (including at least 1-2 hours of events or dinner accompaniment)
  • Dinner, drinks and erotic fireworks
    Up to 6 hours (including at least two hours of events or dinner accompaniment)
  • Sweet, sexy & sensual
    Up to 8 hours (including at least three hours of events or dinner accompaniment)
  • **
    The minimum booking outside the escort lady’s hometown is 4-6 hours.
  • **
    The minimum booking for dates within Europe is at least 12 hours
  • **
    ** The minimum booking for dates worldwide is at least 24 hours

Overnight Dates & Travel***

  • Sweet Dreams a la Grazia
    A short overnight date of 12 hours (from 9:00 p.m. or later)
  • A tempting night and croissants in the morning
    A long overnight date of 16 hours (from 6 p.m. or later)
  • A never ending love story
    A long overnight date of 18-20 hours (from 3 p.m. or later)
  • Une Belle Journee
    1 day - (up to 24 hours)
  • An erotic short trip
    2 days - (up to 48 hours)
  • ***
    An overnight date that starts before 9 p.m. is considered a long overnight.
  • ***
    Any long overnight should include dinner and breakfast.

Travel & Long Term Dates
(from 48 hours)****

  • Travel companion from 3 nights
  • Travel companion from 4 nights
  • Travel companion from 5 nights
  • Travel companion for 6 nights or more
  • Travel companion from 7 nights
  • Travel Rates
    Each additional night
    upon request
  • ****
    If you would like to book an extra room for your companion, we would be happy to arrange an individual offer.

In the homeland

  • hometown
    no travel expenses
  • Arrival up to 150 km from home min. booking from 4 hours
    from approx. EUR 150 / within home country plus possible hotel accommodation
  • Arrival within a home country from 150 km from home min. booking from 6-12 hours
    from approx. EUR 200 depending on the ticket price for flight/train and the duration of the journey + plus possible hotel accommodation

Europe & International

  • Travel to Europe
    Minimum booking from 12 hours - 150.00 EUR + flight ticket
  • International arrival
    min. booking from 24 hours – 250.00 EUR + flight ticket

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