Grazia Agency I International High Class Escort Service
Grazia Agency I International High Class Escort Service

Lucia has a new date review

May 2023

Hello Grace

Thank you, yes, they were really great and relaxing days.

I don't even know where to start 😉
Lucia is really a great woman. Lively and full of energy. It was extremely pleasant to spend time with her. She patiently went along with all of my ideas and, as far as I can tell, she also enjoyed it. What I also really liked is the fact that you can talk to her about all sorts of things, as if you've known each other for a long time. Unfortunately, as is often the case in these cases, the time was far too short, at least for me.

Please let me send you my warmest regards. If the opportunity arises, I would certainly like to meet with her again.

Many photos and some videos were taken during our date. Is it perhaps possible that you could send some of this to me?

Best regards,

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