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Grazia Agency I International High Class Escort Service

Glossary of erotic services

Deep French Kissing (DFK)
Passionate kissing is the exchange of deep kisses in an erotic context. As a rule, these are kisses with tongue, so-called French kisses. In these, the tongues of both partners touch each other for a passionate tongue game. 
Girlfriend experience (GFE)
Girlfriend eroticism goes beyond the usual service of a lady in an escort. Ecstatic looks, holding hands and enthusiastic declarations of love - with the girlfriend experience, the lady plays a friend in love.

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French / 69
The 69 position can be a challenge, but has a lot of fans. The partners lie on top of each other: the person on top directs their head towards the feet of the person below, so that they can satisfy each other orally at the same time. 
Greek / Anal 
This term is for another name for anal sex. The active participant inserts their genitalia into the rectum of the passive part. 
Deep Throat
Basically, deep throat is oral sex. The man is active, the woman passive. With deep throat, the penis is inserted as deeply as possible into the throat. 
A small percentage of women ejaculate during orgasms. They secrete a protein secretion, and in some cases they may even squirt this fluid, similar to a male orgasm.
Cum on face (COF)
The expression itself makes it very clear: the man covers the woman's face in his semen when he ejaculates. Bukkake sex is a variant of this, where a large number of men ejaculate into the face of a single woman. 
Cum on body (COB)
This is when a man ejaculates onto a woman's body, whether this be the feet, her pubic area, stomach, chest, back or face. This depends only on the partners' preferences.
English / Light SM
This is a soft variant of BDSM. Instead of a real BDSM game, the English erotic can be role play with some BDSM elements. 
Tease & Denial
Tease and denial aims on the one hand to increase the sexual arousal of the other sexual partner, who is then denied the immediate orgasm. Tease and denial has very different, unspecified forms. 
Spanish / Boob Job
This is a term for breast sex. The male genitalia is rubbed and aroused on or between a woman's breasts. 
Hand job
Sexual satisfaction for the man is provided through hand stimulation alone.
Group sex / gangbang
There are many different varieties of group sex. The gangbang is characterized by the fact that one or a few women engage with a large group of men. The erotic contact focuses on this imbalance: Many men have sex with one or a few women.
Exciting lingerie, lingerie & high heels
Exciting lingerie is just like high heels; it often serve to increase lust before the actual sexual act. With escort lingerie can even be the focus of your date, independently of other erotic services.
Russian / full body massage
Russian involves a sexual, stimulating body massage that also includes the genital area. Plus, Russian sex is synonymous with thigh sex.
Dogging / sex in extraordinary places
When it comes to dogging, sex in public is what makes it attractive. In parks, in parking lots, on local trains - there is no rule for the location for dogging, but the locations tend to be unusual.
Light public exhibitionism
This means dare to venture out in public in skimpy, sexually emphasized clothing. You can go out like this alone or with someone else. 
Strip tease
Strip tease is a form of an erotic dance. During this dance, the clothes gradually fall. Strip tease performances are often part of erotic shows and are offered in many erotic bars. A strip tease can be booked privately with the escort. 
Swinger and erotic events
In swinger clubs, people with different partners live out their preferences freely. There are quite a few erotic events in private, in bars or at trade fairs. An escort service may also offer accompaniment for this. 
Role play
There is an almost unlimited range of sexual role-playing games that only depends on the imagination of those involved. In a role play, the participants each slip into a role. Costumes and props can underline the character in their role play. 
Lacquer / latex
The preference for lacquer and latex is often a fetish. Either wearing vinyl and latex, the appearance of a person in these clothes, or sex toys made from these materials, lead to sexual arousal.
Foot fetish
For fans of the foot fetish, a foot and everything related to it means sexual pleasure. Stockings, shoes, looking at feet, massaging or kissing feet can be the focus of foot eroticism. 
In general terms, BDSM is another term for the expression sadomasochism. The abbreviation BDSM stands for "Bondage & Discipline, Dominance & Submission, Sadism & Masochism".
adult baby
The Adult Baby is a specific type of role play. One partner slips into the role of an infant, while the other partner takes on the role of the parent and takes care of his partner accordingly. This includes activities such as changing diapers or breastfeeding.
dildo games
As the name suggests, dildo play is the vaginal or anal satisfaction of one partner by the other with the help of a dildo.
dirty talk
Talking dirty is about creating sexual arousal in your partner by making dirty and lewd statements. This can happen at the same time as other sexual practices or independently of it.
Money slave and money mistress
The money slave fetish can be lived out both with and without direct contact with the money mistress. In any case, the point here is that the money slave gives the money mistress financial means. Depending on personal preference, this can be done digitally, by post or in person.
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Karezza is the opposite of quick, sometimes impersonal, sexual encounters. The focus here is to explore one's own preferences and body as well as the preferences and body of the other person through intimacy and tenderness. In contrast to other sexual practices, with karezza the orgasm moves completely into the background.
pet play
Pet play is a specific form of role-playing game in which at least one partner takes on the role of an animal. Depending on the species of animal being embodied, that person will then be treated accordingly by their partner. For example, if one partner slips into the role of a dog, the other partner can lead him on a leash or train him.
safe word
The safe word is an important part of any BDSM sexual practice. It is agreed in advance and serves as a cue word that the person in question wishes to stop the current sexual act immediately. Especially in bondage games or certain types of role play, the safe word is used for security and clear communication between the sexual partners.
Light spanking
Spanking often occurs within a BDSM game. The active participant hits the passive participant with the hand or an object, for example a whip, on the buttocks. A light spanking allows light, less painful blows.
Bondage (active)
Bondage stands for a form of erotic bondage. The tying of the partner, usually by means of a certain tying technique, arouses the participants.
Bondage (passive)
In passive bondage, a person can be tied up. The control of her movement by an active participant causes her sexual arousal. 
Anyone who has a dominant tendency is aroused by a BDSM game to be active, determinative and punitive - i.e. dominant. The stimulus for a dominant participant is usually psychological humiliation, not necessarily the infliction of pain.
Those who are submissive like to be sexually humiliated in a BDSM game. Enduring verbal, psychological and sometimes physical punishment is a pleasure for the submissive person.
People who can act out their BDSM inclination both actively and passively are referred to as switchers. A switcher is dominant or submissive. He can decide which part to play in a BDSM game. 
Anilingus / rimming (active)
With active rimming, one part stimulates the rectum of the second orally with their tongue. Rimming can also include inserting the tongue into the rectum.

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Anilingus / rimming (passive)
In passive rimming, an active part licks or stimulates the rectum of the passive person. Since there are sensitive nerves in the rectal area, the passive part often enjoys this type of stimulation.

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Vaginal finger games and light vaginal fisting 
In vaginal finger play, a partner inserts one or more fingers into the woman's vagina. Vaginal fisting refers to the insertion of a whole hand or fist. With the escort, hygiene and prior consultation must be taken into account.
Fisting (active)
In active fisting, a partner inserts their fist into the rectum or vagina of the passive part. Fisting requires some practice and experience. A lubricant should always be used. 
Fisting (passive)
In passive fisting, a person has a hand or fist inserted into their rectum or vagina. Fisting usually has to be practiced beforehand, i.e. the rectum or vagina are stretched over a longer period of time.
Golden shower (active)
This describes sexual games with urine. An active role in this erotic predilection means that one part urinates on the body of the other, for example. 
Pee (passive)
Pee games actively involve urine in a sexual context. The passive part lets urinate on his body. Drinking urine also occurs, but is controversial for health reasons.
Scat (active)
Someone who is aroused by scat loves to smear a partner with excrement or even to defecate on them. KV is often an abbreviation used in the German-speaking world. 
Scat (passive)
A passive role in this sense means that someone is smeared with excrement. The passive part can also allow the active part to defecate on him. 
Light bondage games (active)
A light bondage game in the active role does not render another person completely immobile. For example, only one hand or the feet are tied.
Light bondage games (passive)
Light bondage games are often part of ordinary relationships. A light restraint is done, for example, by handcuffs. The movement of the passive part is not completely restricted. 
Woman booking woman
Women who are so inclined can book an escort meeting with a lady. This is possible under similar conditions as booking an escort in general.
Duo booking with another escort
Instead of one lady, when booking a duo, two are ordered for an escort meeting. This also provides the possibility of an erotic game for three.
Not only men like to book an escort companion. It is also suitable for couples. An escort companion enables the couple to act out erotic games as a threesome.
Threesomes with two gentlemen
Many women dream of sex with two men. In such a game, the lady is the center of attention.
Individually by arrangement
An agreement is always made in the run-up to an escort meeting. The place, time and types of services are clarified. Individual requests can be clarified in advance. 
Bareback/AO/without condom
Bareback or AO (“everything without”) is sexual intercourse that takes place unprotected, i.e. without a condom. However, since there is a high risk of transmitting sexually transmitted diseases, our ladies always only have protected intercourse!
When the man ejaculates in the woman's mouth, vagina, or rectum and the semen comes out afterwards, it's called a creampie. It can also be an offer or an invitation for the man to lick up his own semen.
doctor games
Doctor games represent a specific form of role-playing game in which one partner takes on the role of a doctor and examines the other partner's body, particularly their genitals.
Fat Admire
A Fat Admirer is someone who is sexually attracted to larger or overweight people.
MILF (short for "mother I'd like to fuck") is a vulgar, colloquial term for attractive, middle-aged women with whom one would like to have sex. The term comes from the fact that women in this age group are often mothers.
Public Display of Affection
Public Display of Affection (literally "public display of affection"), often abbreviated as PDA, refers to any kind of publicly displayed intimacy between two people. A typical example of this would be a kiss in public. However, there is no clear delineation of what counts as a PDA and what doesn't. Often this also depends on the location, context and the people involved and otherwise present.
Sugar daddy and sugar baby
A sugar daddy is an often wealthy, older man who provides funds to a much younger woman in exchange for regular sexual encounters. This can be done either through direct monetary gifts or through the purchase of luxury items such as jewelry or designer clothing. A young woman who has such a relationship with a sugar daddy is referred to as a sugar babe.
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